Where To Start…

If you’re visiting for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming to get caught up on my story.  I get that… it’s been a long road, and it gets longer every day.

I would recommend starting here for a general timeline of events, and then moving onto the actual posts.

As for those, if you just want a sampling of what life has been like over the past almost-five years of this journey, I’ve listed those that I think are important, funny, or informative below.  It’s still a long list, but it’s only a fraction of the 300+ posts I’ve put out there over the past few years!

Welcome to Thunderdome!  🙂

Not Pregnant


Things Fertility-Challenged Women Love to Hear, Part One

Things Fertility-Challenged Women Love to Hear, Part Two

Social Lubricant

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Expect

I Don’t Care What They Say, Heroin Addicts Don’t Have it Easy…

Misery Loves Company.  And Midol.

If Only.

Double Negative

Shit, Meet Fan: A Study on Giving Thanks When You’d Rather Just Swear Profusely.

Countdown To Adulthood… Maybe.

The Hopeful Guinea Pig

Harry Potter and the Deathly Period

Don’t Ignore… Support.

I Used To Be Funnier…

While I Breathe, I Hope.

Dreams Out of Reach

On Infertility and Friendship

The New Normal


On Persistence

Foreign Invasion

Worst Date Ever

Less Than Ideal

When Feathers Appear



Closed Doors, Open Windows, and the Hallways in Between

A Lesson in Patience and Conversational Spanish

A Month and a Day and a Memory


Giving Thanks




Just Keep Swimming

Downward Spiral Into Crazytown

Let’s Play a Game

Halfway ‘Round the Sun

Poetry For the Aunt You Love to Hate

What Kind of Infertile Are You?

Four Year Journey


National Infertility Awareness Week:  Join the Movement

Join the Movement and Educate

Join the Movement and Show Your Support

Empty Arms

Parenting Styles and Infertility

Adrift:  A Novel


Holy.  Shit.

Sadism: A Day in the Life of Aunt Flo

Plan G

Spleen Qi and Me

Eastward Bound

Dr. McStabby and the Path to Enlightenment

Maya Abdominal Massage

Here With Me Still

Acu-Believe It!

Guess what today is?

The Infertility Oscars, Part One

The Infertility Oscars, Part Two

Acu-Pros vs. Acu-Cons

In The Works…

Why I’ve Been Quiet…

The Five Year Review

Things That Are Good

April Is a Promise.

The Big Fat Confession

The Big Fat Confession, Part Two

“Sooo… How did this happen?”

Survivor’s Guilt and the Future of This Blog

Knocked Up: the Details

What Has Changed… And What Hasn’t.

Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

Viability and Uncertainty

To All Who Still Wait…

Because You Asked… And Because I’m an Open Book: Details, the Baby Edition.

A Result, an Update, and a Plan.

Thirty-Four (and Thirty-Seven)

A Day That Will Live In Infamy.

A Thousand Years

How We Got Here and Where We’re Going

On Anniversaries

On Parental Holidays


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