Harry Potter and the Deathly Period

Having your period is just like a Dementor attack:

It sucks the life out of you, leaves you a trembling shell of a person curled in the fetal position, and chocolate is the only thing that makes you feel human again.

Expecto PatronuMIDOL!!!


The end.

Oh hey look, I'm not the only one who thinks so!


Survey Saaaays…


You are now the proud owner of a bottle of progesterone supplements to be taken from now until you either get a negative beta, or until you find yourself ten weeks pregnant!  And as an added bonus, they can be taken either orally or vaginally–whatever grills your cheese!!




In the game show of life, I am not winning.


What is "not this blog post", Alex?


Things That Make You Go “Hmmm…”

I’m tired of being obsessed with having a baby.

I mean, it’s not like it’s gonna stop or anything, I’m just saying that it’s exhausting.

Today, to get out of my head a little, I started following a couple of new blogs.  One is about a family, one is about a young couple, and the other is about the one kind of person who is pretty much in the exact opposite point in life that I currently am:

A single male, looking for love.

Shock!  Horror!!

No really.  The guy’s funny.  And we’ve met, which is cool.  He was at the bonfire where I said “cervical mucus”, and to my knowledge, he didn’t judge me.

Well, probably not too much.

Okay, maybe he did, but thus far he has not blogged about the crazy drunk girl who couldn’t stop talking about bodily fluids.

Either way, sometimes it’s nice to realize that there are other situations in life that are hard.  It’s tough trying to get knocked up, but it’s also tough navigating your way through dating sites and singles bars when you have standards.

It’s all about perspective, people.  I’m trying to have some.

Oh, and then another funny thing happened… Someone found their way to my blog by Googling the phrase “Mexican tacos that look like vaginas.”


I’m so proud.


Quick Update

So, nothing like waiting till the last minute…

I got a call during the last hour of my last day at my current job letting me know that I’m being offered a position with the place where I interviewed on Tuesday!

I’m totally excited.  It’s the perfect opportunity for me, and the environment is amazing.  I can’t wait to work on a team instead of feeling like I’m under the gun all the time in the bridal salon.

Whew!  One less thing to worry about…

…One thousand others to follow.

Tomorrow, though.  I will worry about the one thousand other things to be done tomorrow.  Tomorrow begins the big move, and with it, the rest of the stress involved in relocating to a new city.

For tonight, I’m giving myself a break and watching my DVR-ed soaps in bed.

It’s possible to pre-deserve a break, right…?



When Will Life Imitate Art?

This photo was taken almost three years ago during my best friend’s wedding weekend.  Obviously we were at a bowling alley.

Even more obviously, I do not bowl well and therefore like to put bowling balls in my shirt.  …I mean, who doesn’t?  Right?

I was just scrolling through some pictures and came across this one.  The girl in this photo is just happy to be with her friends and doesn’t know a thing about feeling jealous of someone who’s been as close as a sister for 20 plus years because she was able to get pregnant four months after this photo was taken.  She also doesn’t know anything about charting periods or basal body temps, or sperm counts or fertility meds.

This girl is happy, and for all she knows, perfectly fertile.

Then again, this girl also has a bowling ball baby… So maybe she’s a little… off.

Either way, the girl writing this blog post sincerely wishes that she could be as happy and carefree as the girl in the photo.

And that the bowling ball baby will someday become a real baby.

And maybe even that she could possibly retain the same ass-to-belly ratio when it happens.

…Okay, I’m not pushing my luck.  I’ll just take the baby, thanks.


Here We Go Again…




Infinite Ugh!

…That is all.


RE-Day, Part VII

Made it through the blood work without losing consciousness, so I’ll count that as a win.  There’s a backup for ultrasounds today, however, and I was given the choice to either wait, or come back another day.

I chose to wait.  Currently grabbing some lunch at the little bistro in the medical office building.  Chicken caesar wrap?  Yes, please!


RE-Day, Part VI

Just met the RE.  She’s a really nice woman, and she has a plan.  She also instructed me to check out a book called The Fertility Diet, and to give yoga a try. It sounds like Femara and Ovidrel may be in my near future…

I’m currently waiting for a date with the ultrasound wand, followed by some blood work.  Hooray for getting poked and prodded.


RE-Day, Part V

There’s a giant tub of meds in this room.  The room where they’ve left me unattended for an extended period of time.  Bored out of my skull…

I’m seriously considering filling up my purse.

Who wants some free Menopur?


RE-Day, Part IV

Just answered the same questions for a fourth nurse.  I think they’re testing me.  Don’t worry, folks, I promise that I really am infertile.

Oh, and if one more person says to me “Oh, bridal consulting must be such a fun job!”, I swear I’m going to shove a crinoline down their throat.

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