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“O” Happy Day!

Friday, August 3rd, 2012.  CD18.

Happy Friday, friends!

I’m happy because after my drama-free Ovidrel trigger last night, the husband and I managed to have a nice little “evening in”, as it were.

I’m happy because I woke up this morning to a fantastic looking temp-dip, and I expect a nice, big rise tomorrow morning, signaling that today is officially O-Day!

(O is for ovulation.  Not that other O.  Although, who knows?  The day is still young, after all!  😉 )

I’m happy because I have a relaxing weekend of laundry, reading and dvr-catch-up planned.

I may also finally take the plunge and delve a little deeper into this whole Doctor Who thing I’ve recently started.  I know, I know.  Like I need another notch on my nerd belt.  I just love the Brits, what can I say?

I hope you all are also having happy Fridays!  Cheers to a great weekend!!  🙂


Trigger Happy

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012.  CD17. 


This picture made me snort-laugh. Special dedication to a good friend who made me laugh with this line earlier in the week!

Today is Trigger Day!

Do you know what that means??

That means that after today, my poor bruised belly will get a break from needles for at least two weeks!


I have been worried about this cycle not working  (As if worrying about it is going to help…).  I realize though, that there are a whole load of reasons why it might just work this time:

  • Yeah, I have a mild UTI.  That sucks.  Consumption of juice that tastes like poisonous acid aside, I think the extra fluids combined with the new meds is giving me the best cervical fluid I’ve ever had!
  • I can feel my ovaries.  Like, they are pulsating with life right now.  It’s freaky.  That must mean they are ready to give up some good eggs!
  • Sexy-Time Central is going to fall on the (almost)weekend, which means well-rested romps and a sleep-in-Saturday!
  • I have had very few side-effects from the Menopur, which has been a blessing.  I really thought this was going to turn me into a hormonal wild animal, but I’ve been pretty level on the hormone front.  This will also make gettin’ some easier, since no man likes to try to have sex with a rabid wolverine.

I know this isn’t a wolverine, but it’s still a pretty good representation of what I feel like when I’m hormonal.

Anyway, I have hope for this cycle!  Here’s to Sexy Time, fertilized eggs, and a serene rational Two Week Wait!


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