Resolve to Know More: Guest-Blogging and NIAW!

I’m so excited to be a part of the COOLEST blog link-up this week!

My friend Lo at Our Crazy Ever After suggested this badass idea of having non-infertility bloggers host infertility bloggers during RESOLVE’s National Infertility Awareness Week, and seriously?  What a great idea!

I was in from the get-go, and was so happy to be matched up with Carolyn over at life, love & puppy prints.  I’m so thankful that this opportunity for sharing our stories is being made possible by Lo and her fantastic idea, and by bloggers like Carolyn who are advocating for we Infertiles by allowing us to share with their readers!

I’m like hyped-up-cheerleader-on-meth excited about this, guys.

Please give Carolyn a visit today, check out my guest post, and show some love to all the other bloggers who are hosting Infertiles this week, too!

OMG.  This is like Infertiles’ Semester Abroad.  I kind of love it.

Hooray, advocacy!  🙂


For more information on the disease of infertility, please visit RESOLVE’s website: http://www.resolve.org/infertility101


Things That Are Good

Today’s blog post is brought you by things in my life that are good (spoiler alert: it’s ALL THE THINGS), and Liz Lemon.

Why?  Because I’m happy, and because it’s my damn blog, and because Liz Lemon is my spirit animal.



So I know I haven’t posted in a few weeks, and it’s mainly because I’ve just been so darn busy.

Yeah okay, some of that busy-ness has been in the form of catching up on my dvr-ed programming, eating whatevathecrap I feel like, and generally carving out a deeper ass-indent in my couch, but some of it has actually been productive, yo!

But really, I’ve been up to some things in my regular old life these days.

THINGS, you guys.

Firstly, I’m like 98.56% sure that I ovulated on cycle day 15 last month.


WHAT?  Like, without drugs??

Uhh… apparently so.  The new herbs McStabby has me taking seem to be working some kinda miracles down-unda, and I’m hoping the miraculous normality continues into this month.

So yay for functioning girly-bits!

Also, McStabby totally went all bitter renegade Infertility Advocate on me at my last appointment.  Seriously.  He was all like “UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY IS SUCH A BULLSH*T NON-DIAGNOSIS, GOD!” 

It was crazy, and awesome, and I almost would have laughed, but I was too impressed.  Basically, he is like SO OVER hearing about unexplained infertility as a hard and fast diagnosis.  He wants some of his UI patients to start looking more into other causes of infertility, like immunological issues and bacterial infections.

There are really no reproductive immunologists in this area, so he wants me to start with my OB rather than my RE.  He said that the OB may be more receptive to requesting some of these tests, and less likely to blacklist me from the office for even asking.

Because, you know, I see an acupuncturist, take Chinese herbs, and want to talk about antibiotic therapy and testing for immunological disorders, and I guess some fancy doctors don’t like that stuff.

So I’m trying to decide if this is a path I want to explore, or if I want to just want to keep on keepin’ on with the whole “infertility on the back burner” thing.

It’s a conundrum, to be sure.  I have no idea what to do here.

Aside from that, another cool thing happened:

I made a friend on Facebook.  A FRIEND WHO LIKES BOOKS.  I ran into her a while back in the comments section of a book blog I read, and she and I bonded over our shameful love of Bar Rescue marathons (don’t judge me).  I recognized her name as a news reporter for a local station, and lo and behold, she is also on the Facebooks and is totally friends with another blogger I love.

It was sorta meant to be, you guys.

Anyway, I sent her an email letting her know about the new RESOLVE support group I was looking to promote, and asked whether she thought the station would be willing to share a flyer on their website or via social media or something, and she was like “why don’t you come on my Sunday cooking show and we can talk about it on the air?”

And I accepted.

I was nervous as all get-out, but I think I actually spoke in coherent sentences (without any accidental swearing, yay!).

One thing did happen that I feel badly about, but I didn’t realize it until well after the show had already aired…

Prior to the taping, I was talking with my interviewer and a few other people in the room about infertility, and about people they knew that had struggled to get pregnant.  One of the women mentioned her sister, who had had years of trouble conceiving, and we talked about her sister’s stories of a coworker who was an unhealthy drunken chain-smoker that had magical Duggar-like fertility.  We’ve all heard stories like this, and it’s enough to make a compassionate infertile roll her eyes at the injustice of it all.

During the interview, I said something like “why can the girl at work who drinks and smokes get pregnant, and not me?”, generalizing, and referring to that bit of conversation we’d had off camera.  Apparently, some people I work with may have thought I was actually talking about someone specific in our office who is pregnant (and not a drunken chain-smoker at all, by the way)… which came to a bit of a shock to me, because OMG I WOULD NEVER!

I feel like such an a-hole, even though it was a completely innocent comment that had nothing to do with anyone I actually know.


So, you know… Tracy – 0, Tracy’s Foot-in-Mouth – 68,759.

Oh right.  Here’s the link to the video… I’m after the Fitbit segment at about 2:40.

And you know the best part of that day?  I spent two days prior deciding on what to wear, ultimately coming up with a navy sweater over a coral shirt and some light khaki pants.

You know what happens when you wear khakis, right?

Yep.  Tracy – 0, Scumbag Uterus – 159

Okay, so I guess that was a good thing with some bad undertones… but ultimately it was a good thing, so it still fits within the parameters of this good-things-and-Liz-Lemon-themed blog post.

YESSIR.  Still counts.

The last good thing I want to talk about is my RESOLVE support group.

We met for the first time last night, and while I can’t discuss specifics, I can tell you that we had a pretty nice turnout for a first meeting!  Six women attended, and I feel like it was a great mix of people in different stages of their journey to parenthood.  We had some lively conversations, there were a lot of different topics thrown out for further discussion at upcoming meetings, and I feel like the women who attended really wanted to be there.

This group means a lot to me, both in the sense that doing the legwork to make it happen is very fulfilling, but also in the sense that I have really been missing being a part of a group that exists because of a shared passion.

Also, we’re kind of like the really sassy Island of Misfit Toys, and I kind of love that.

So it’s all good right now.

Like, ridiculously good.

Marriage?  Good.

Work?  Good.

DVR capacity?  Good.


Bring it on, life.  I’m pretty happy accepting only good things from you for a change.

Let’s keep up the good work, eh?


Toledo Area Infertility Support Group

This is a project that’s been a long time coming, both for me, and for this area.  Please feel free to share this post, this image, and the Resolve Toledo email address, toledoresolve@gmail.com.

Thank you!

RESOLVE Flier - 2.18.14

Why I’ve Been Quiet…

…And first of all, let me calm those of you who dread blogger pregnancy announcements by saying that NO, I am most definitely NOT PREGNANT. The rest of the story is a little harder to explain, however. I’ll be honest, I’ve felt very strange lately.  I mean, I’m still part of the infertility community, but

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The Infertility Oscars, Part One

I’ve tried to write this post three times now, for days since the event on Wednesday… The words either won’t come, or they come all at once.

Neither situation is conducive to an articulate blog post.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to adequately express how I feel about the awesomeness that was RESOLVE’s 2013 Night of Hope gala.

I guess I’ll just start at the beginning, and cover every excruciating detail…  As is my way.  😉

The husband and I decided to take it easy the day of the event, allowing ourselves to sleep in, wandering out to get some greasy diner breakfast that morning, and taking a nice walk around Soho in the beautiful, sunny, fall weather.  We also found a little corner grocery, and stocked up on drinks and snacks for the day, since we knew we’d be holed up in the hotel room getting all pretty for a couple of hours.

…What?  It takes work!

It takes him less time to look like a stud than it takes me to put on mascara.  Cheater.

It takes him less time to look like a stud than it takes me to put on mascara. Cheater.

Anyway, once we were all made-up, ironed, pressed, and coiffed – okay, once I was – we two soft Midwesterners managed to hail a cab all on our own (after walking a couple of blocks…) and were on our way to the pre-event rehearsal at Chelsea Piers.

…And then our taxi got pulled over.

It was kind of hilarious at the time, because with all of the flashing lights and sirens constantly going off in the city, we really had no clue we were being stopped by police until the man in blue approached the window.  People we told later said that they had never been pulled over in a cab, and they’d lived in the city their whole lives!

We chalked it up to bad luck, but luck was with us in that the incident was a quick one, and we were still very much on-time for the event rehearsal.

As we arrived and checked in, we met Rebecca, my contact from RESOLVE, who had been in touch with me since I found out I’d won the award.  She was so amazingly helpful and friendly, and she made me feel completely at ease when I was nervous about many aspects of the evening.  We walked through the layout of the ballroom where dinner would be served, and she showed me how I’d be approaching the steps to the stage.  She even offered to let me give the steps a trial run if I was really that scared I’d trip on the way up.

Or down.

SPOILER ALERT:  I didn’t actually trip.  I’m not sure my feet even touched the ground, to be honest.

After I had a handle on the layout of the room and a schedule of the events in my sweaty little hands, the cocktail hour before the event began.  The room started to fill up with people in suits and dresses, and the bar was mercifully OPEN.  The husband and I didn’t know anyone, so we grabbed a bar table and sipped our water, just taking it all in.

After a while, we were approached by some interesting characters:  a lawyer from a New York surrogacy law firm who was a former lobbyist, a doctor from South Dakota who specializes in sperm DNA (and who had a little silver sperm pin on his lapel), and finally, I was taken off to a corner where I had the honor of meeting Barb Collura, the President and CEO of RESOLVE, and Corey Huffman, who was to introduce me onstage.  Both of these women were so sweet, and made me feel so comfortable.  We had some photos taken and chatted a bit, and then they were whisked away to other responsibilities.

Me with Barbara Collura, President/CEO of RESOLVE

Me with Barbara Collura, President/CEO of RESOLVE

I just have to say that every single person I met that night – and there were many – was so lovely and welcoming.  Being a Bible Belt Midwesterner in a huge, gritty, fast-paced place like New York City was a bit of a culture shock sometimes, but knowing that there were people in a big ballroom from all over the country and all walks of life, people who had a connection to RESOLVE and to infertility, and people who were there because they honestly care… well, that made me feel right at home, despite the distance.

Once the dining room opened up, we found our table and started meeting our dining companions.  The husband and I were seated with the four fabulous lawyers who were awarded one of the Hope Awards for Advocacy, and their husbands.  They were so much fun, and such an inspirational group of ladies to be seated with!

Dinner was fantastic, what little of it I was able to eat… I was so nervous about getting onstage!  Luckily the wine was poured without my asking, so that gave me a good excuse for a little lubrication of my nerves, if ya know what I mean.  During the meal, there were several speakers, including Barbara Collura, celebrity blogger and infertility advocate Rosie Pope, and the host of the evening, actress and advocate Elisabeth Rohm.  There were a few testimonial videos shown as well, and throughout the night there were announcements of how much money the event, which doubles as a fundraiser, had raised so far.

By the end of the evening, over $213,000 was raised for infertility support, awareness, and research!  How awesome is that?!

As dinner began to wind down, the clock was ticking on the awards ceremony getting underway.  There were just a couple of awards in front of me, and each one took less than five minutes from introduction to acceptance and applause.  It was just a few minutes before I’d be up, and I was only half listening to the speakers, and half reviewing the remarks I’d written…

Oh.  About those remarks…

I started, stopped, wrote, and rewrote what I wanted to say at least ten times before we arrived in New York.  Nothing was right.  I finally woke up early on the day of the gala and started typing… I think the problem was with the pen and paper.  I need to type to really feel free, I suppose.

And so, I emailed myself the basic points I wanted to hit while I had the chance, not really thinking about about how I’d go about printing them.

Well, I never did end up printing that email.

Sitting at the dinner table at the Night of Hope gala, waiting to be called to the stage, I realized that I was going to have to take my cell phone up onstage with me.


And yet, maybe it was appropriate for a blogger to have chosen a technological media from which to read her remarks…

Remarks which I will give you in their entirety in the next post, as I don’t want to lose anyone with the monstrous length of the post as it would be if I kept going.

Please come back for Part Two, which I’ll get out just as soon as possible!



Bits of the event from my handbag at the end of the evening…


Guess what today is?

Don’t say Hump Day… Don’t even say it…




Okay… okay.  Bring it down a notch.

Let me tell you about the last 48 hours first…

So yesterday, Tuesday, the husband and I crawled out of bed at 2:30am and got our sleepy behinds out of the house in Toledo somehow managed to arrive at the airport in Detroit on time for our first flight.


Good morning from 25,000 feet over… Kentucky maybe?

We flew from The D to Music City USA, Nashville, TN, first, and were able to have enough time there to utilize the facilities and score a couple of cookies from an airport cookie stand.  Our connection there left about 40 minutes after the first one landed, so we had just enough time before we were off on the second leg of our journey.

From there, we were off to New York.  The flight was uneventful, though I managed to get a window seat, but all I saw was clouds for most of the trip.  I also had to ask the flight attendant for hot water so I could mix up my herbs.  Pretty sure I looked suspicious with my little canisters of powder in my purse, but no one said anything to me…

Now I haven’t been to the city since high school, and honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect because I know so much has changed over the years.  The airport itself was packed with people, as one might expect in a city as populous as NYC.  We managed to find a taxi and started off toward our hotel.

We had some time to kill when we arrived, though, having sort of forgotten that even early check-ins don’t typically allow you into your room as early as 11:30am.  We left our luggage with the front desk, and headed out to explore the city.

Since our hotel is in the Chinatown/Little Italy/Soho area, we were not disappointed in the people-watching.  After walking for a bit, we got some coffee (tea for me, thanks) and sat in a little park to decide where we wanted to go next.

A sculpture in the park.  I don't know what it is, but it looks like taffy... I'm willing to bet it probably tastes like Hep C, though.

A sculpture in the park. I don’t know what it is, but it looks like taffy… I’m willing to bet it probably tastes like Hep C, though.

Ultimately, we decided that since we could see the new World Trade Center building above the rest of the skyline, that we’d walk over and check it out a little closer.  The memorial site is still being worked on heavily, so we weren’t able to get in, but the building itself was beautiful, and I can see why people say that it’s like a symbol of hope standing guard over the city.


We walked down to Battery Park and just enjoyed the sights from there.  We took some photos by the water and did touristy things where there weren’t a lot of people around to judge us for being touristy.  Ha.


Aw, New Jersey… Looking good from here!

The fall colors are beautiful in the city this time of year – I’m so glad we didn’t miss the window before everything turns brown and dies!


This isn’t the best picture, but the husband really wanted a shot of the spire of the Empire State Building over those pretty trees there.

We walked and walked and walked some more, before we had finally killed enough time for our hotel room to be ready.  As we walked back to Soho, we decided that we were le tired, having been in three different states, two airplanes and a taxi, and having walked a good 10 miles since 3am.  As we got back to the hotel and got our things unpacked in our teeny-tiny (but nice!) hotel room, we made the mistake of sitting down on the comfy bed.

In our defense, there was no where else to sit, let alone stand, at the time with our stuff all over, but we ended up just vegging out in bed, watching Moonshiners, in the most exciting city in the nation.  And then we napped.

This city may never sleep, but we Midwesterners sure do.

Ultimately, we got up and got moving around dinner time, and ended up at a cute little place in Little Italy.  We had rice balls stuffed with sausage and peas, a giant pasta dish to share, and the husband ordered me my favorite dessert, crème brûlée.  It was a great meal and experience, and as we were preparing to leave, we learned that the table next to us had flown in from the Detroit area, too.  We chatted for a few minutes, wished them safe travels back to the homeland, and then went on our way.

It really is a small world, even in a HUGE city.

After traveling, lugging luggage, walking all over, generally stressing out about everything, and a full meal of carbs and sugary dessert, we were wiped out.  Back to the bed we went, and I fell asleep with my laptop in my hands, intending to write this post twelve hours ago.

But, alas, here we are now, and thankfully so, as I doubt I’d have been able to string two words together last night.

Which brings me to The Other Thing.

I haven’t yet written what I want to say on stage tonight.


I mean, I know what I want to say, but not how I want to say it…

I guess I’ve just been occupied with my dress and shoes and travel arrangements, but as I write this now, cozy in my bed in my tiny hotel room in the biggest city in the US, reality is hitting me.


The hours of this day are going to fly by as we have so much to do.  This event starts at 6pm, but I need to be there by 4:30.

Somehow I need to get breakfast, lunch, herbs and vitamins, showering, primping, and acceptance speech writing all into that short period of time.

I can do it, I know, but it’s still just as intimidating as when I thought about writing it two months ago…

With that, I better go and attend to my many responsibilities.  As well as wake up the husband, who is somehow still asleep while I click-click-tap next to him.

Speaking of him, here’s a cute picture I took of the man in question yesterday.  What a sweetie.  🙂

He said it would be chilly in New York, so he wore a coat and grew a beard.

He said it would be chilly in New York, so he wore a coat and grew a beard.

I better get going, but I wanted to keep you all updated as much as possible because, after all, you are the reason I’m even HERE right now.

So for that, and for so many other things over the past four years:

Thank you.

Thank YOU.


Now wish me luck so I don’t fall down onstage or say vagina in my acceptance speech.  🙂


One Healthy Month

Sunday, September 29th, 2013.  CD30, 11DPO.


Hello, my friends.  🙂

I know it’s been quiet here, and I do feel a little badly about that.

I mean, it’s not like I think there’s anyone out there in Reader-land going “Oh sweet tap-dancin’ Jesus, what’s going on with Tracy??  I haven’t heard any TMI from her in AGES!  I hope everything’s okay!”

Well, in case there really is anyone thinking that, I’m here to reassure you, my one worrisome reader, that yes.  All is well here.

I also feel a little bad for the off-the-radar-ness of late, because I know that sometimes when mouthy infertility bloggers get quiet, it’s because they are harboring a fertile little secret.

Well, I’m also here to reassure you all that NO, I am not harboring any kind of alien creature in the depths of my pelvis.

As a matter of fact, I’m expecting good ol’ Aunt Flo to show up any day now.  There is one hundred and eleventy-nine percent chance that I am not pregnant, so please don’t be suspicious of my lack of communication…

However, let it never be said that I fail to update my loyal readership, and in that spirit, please enjoy the following review of the past month of acupuncture, TCM, and diet and lifestyle changes made per The Infertility Cure:

1.  I feel… better.  My digestion seems to be improved, and I attribute that to eliminating certain things like dairy, gluten, and sugar.  I’m also less bloated, less fatigued, and I wake up feeling more rested.

2.  I’m allowing myself to cheat.  As a rule, I don’t eat the above mentioned items, but I do allow myself to have a little of each thing now and then.  I’ve also taken to having the occasional glass of wine or hard cider (gluten-free, of course!) once in a while.  Nothing extreme, but a little chocolate after dinner won’t ruin all the progress I’ve made so far.

3.  I’m getting my life back.  I really do feel like even though I’ve undertaken some somewhat strict dietary and lifestyle changes, these adjustments are becoming part of my life, and not ruling it.  I’m no longer limited by having to work around appointments for blood work or ultrasounds constantly, and I actually enjoy my weekly acupuncture treatments.  I am able to see friends, and the husband and I can go out and do things when we want to, without having to plan around medications or appointments.

4.  I’m less obsessive.  This one I feel is the most remarkable difference, and one that can’t be contributed to anything but some sort of emotional shift within myself.  I did slip a bit and have been recording my temps again, rather than just letting Dr. McStabby have control over those, but I think I needed the buffer month to get used to the idea of letting it go.  I still write the temps down to bring to him, so it’s really hard for me not to notice a shift after having done this for so long.  I don’t spend all day submitting queries to Dr. Google, and I feel like I have more faith in the process than I ever have before.

More importantly, I have more faith in my body than ever before.  I feel like the changes that I’m making, and the good fuel I’m putting in every day, are really going to make a difference in the output I experience.  I’m already seeing those differences in my digestion and my energy levels, and I think it’s only a matter of time before other systems start to fall in line.  The hormonal system is the one that’s been impacted the most by years of general neglect and abuse, and so it only reasons that it will take the longest to come around.  I know it will, though.

5.  I’m focusing outward for a change.  For the past five years, I’ve been so focused on every little twinge or poke inside of myself, that it became consistently  harder to really have room for anything going on around me that didn’t have directly to do with my reproductive system.  That’s a fail as a wife, a kid, a friend, and as a person.  There’s so much going on in the world today that I can be a part of, and instead I’ve chosen to just focus on my empty uterus for so long.  I want to change that, and I’m trying to make a concerted effort every day.

One thing I’m doing is working with my amazing friend who had an idea to donate to RESOLVE.  You can read my previous post for details, but the gist of it is that if you buy some pretty goodies, all proceeds will be donated to supporting women with infertility.  That’s a direct impact.  I’m part of it, and you can be too.  Simple as that.

I’m also trying to be more involved with the people in my life.  It can be hard not to take things personally sometimes, and depending on your situation, you may feel a sense of personal betrayal when someone else, just living their life, does something you can’t do.

My coworker got a promotion, and I didn’t; dubya-tee-eff, mate?  Why not me??  My friend is pregnant – again – and I can’t even have ONE baby!  I feel so left out!!  My whole Facebook page is covered with pictures of my friends’ 5k races, and I’m told not to do too much because it’s not healthy for me to lose weight!  Why can’t I do what normal people my age are doing??

That kind of attitude has been getting me exactly nowhere but miserable for years.

No more.  I’m done.

Life is short, and if you have good people in it, then you’re one of the lucky ones.  Remember that they are in your life by choice, too.

Didn’t get a promotion?  Oh well.  Did you really want that particular job anyway?  Maybe there’s something else you’d rather be doing… maybe you should pitch your ideas to someone who can help you make a big difference, rather than take a tiny stair-step to middle management hell… Maybe something better is in store, and maybe you can make a difference for all of your coworkers by stepping up and saying something.

Not pregnant – again?  Boo-frickety-hoo.  It’s not like this is your first infertile rodeo, sister.  Get back up on that horse like you’ve done month after month for years.  And in the meantime, maybe that friend with two kids really needs some support, but is afraid to ask for it – especially from you.  You make that mommy a casserole, put on your big girl panties, and go hold that baby while she takes her first shower in a week.  You can cry when you get home, but it’s better to have been a friend have something to feel good about, than to have stayed at home and wallowed in your self-pity.  Plus, you now have leftover casserole.  WIN.

Can’t run a 5k?  Dude, really?  Are you sad about this?  Who likes to get sweaty?  Plus there’s the risk of thigh-friction-burn… Ew.  Instead, volunteer to pass out water to the runners, and after the race, you can take your runner-friends to get cheesecake.  You can always do some low-impact yoga when you get home, and how you’ve not only donated your time, been able to hang with friends while doing it, AND had cheesecake, but you can feel good about yourself, too.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve come to this insane epiphany that life isn’t revolving around ME, oddly enough.  Nor my uterus.  Weird, right?

I’m doing more, giving more, and getting more than ever, just by moving my focus outward.  I highly suggest giving it a try.  🙂

So anyway, that’s me.  It’s been quiet here, but only because I’ve been keeping busy with things that maybe have less to do with my reproductive system, and to be honest, it’s felt good.

Whenever Auntie shows up, that will conclude the first full cycle of TCM I’ve had so far, and to be honest, I feel better in so many ways.  I feel good about my life, and about those in it – you included – and while life may take me away from blogging from time to time, it’s really a healthy step for me.

Despite my occasional absence here, I do still read, listen, and observe.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers, and though I’m trying to keep my own fertility-challenged-ness off my radar, your struggles are always on my mind and in my heart.

Thank you all for stopping by, checking in, and thinking of me, too!

I shall love you all forever and always, and if the zombie apocalypse truly does occur, you can all come hide in my basement for at least the first week.  When the canned goods run out, though, all bets are off.  🙂

Have a fantastic week, my friends!


An Opportunity To Give

Hi guys!

I am so excited today.

Why, you may ask?

I’m super amped because my friend Jaclyn approached me recently and asked if I would be willing to host an online party for the natural makeup line she promotes called Younique.  I’ve been really interested in making whatever “natural” changes in my life that are possible lately, so makeup seemed like the next step, right?


Well then she hit me with this awesomesauce:

She wants me to host the party, and she wants to donate her entire commission to RESOLVE to support other women suffering with infertility.

How amazing is that??

Pretty frickin’ amazing is right.

Jaclyn is a mom of three adorable kiddos, and is a fighter and a survivor herself.  She says that she’s been on the receiving end of help from others, and that with her business, she is now able to reach out, help others, and give back some of what she’s been given.

She’s an amazing person, promoting an amazing product, making an amazing offer.

And so, here I am, telling you all about this amazing opportunity that we all have (did I mention that it’s amazing?):

For the next five days, if you visit this page right here, buy some goodies for yourself and maybe a Christmas gift for your girlfriends, you will not only be getting some incredible products that are totally natural, but you will also be making a donation that will directly help others.

It’s as simple as that.

Buy stuff, get stuff, love stuff, make a difference.

No offense to the makeup counter at the mall, but this is way better.

Please take a peek, maybe buy a thing or two, and enjoy these products knowing that you’re directly impacting people living with infertility today.

Please also feel free to share, invite others, and generally social media the hell outta this link.

The more we buy, the prettier we look, and the more we can help the One in Eight!

3D Fiber Lashes and Philanthropy… They’re a perfect match.  🙂

Start shopping here!


Advocating For Things About Which I Know (Almost) Nothing…

When it comes to politics, I’m Jon Snow.

Yes, sweetie, that’s where baby Direwolves come from…

There are a lot of things I know a little about, and there are a few things I know a lot about.

Politics is one of the things I know I should know more about, but I’m afraid to admit that I just don’t.

I know nothing.

For me?  Politics = Football.

I know I learned about this in high school, but it just didn’t stick for some reason.  Maybe if politicians wore tight pants and bent over a lot, I could feign enough interest to at least eat a hot dog whilst watching politicians politick it up, or whatever it is that they do in this mythical “Capitol Hill” place.

Alas, the part of my brain that could be called upon to comprehend the passing of bills and laws (or even remember the old Schoolhouse Rock songs about which) has been taken over by knowledge of all things Infertility.  Sorry Congress, ain’t nobody [with aging ovaries] got time fo’ ‘dat!

Recently though, these two topics have found a way to intersect, and miracle of miracles, also draw my interest.

In May of this year, a New  York senator introduced the Family Act of 2013.  There’s a lot of politicky wording involved and I’ll admit that I glazed over several times while trying to decipher the fine print, but RESOLVE has broken it down so that my hormone-addled brain can understand it easily:

What is the Infertility Tax Credit Bill?

The Family Act, S 881/HR 1851, is a bill in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives that would create a tax credit for the out-of-pocket costs of IVF and fertility preservation for those diagnosed with infertility. It was introduced in May 2013.

This sounds amazing, amIright?

The catch is that in order to get this thing passed, we need to get more attention directed its way.

THIS, my lovelies, is where you come in.

*looking at you shrewdly while steepling my fingers in a Mr. Burns-esque manner*

I need YOU to write a letter to your US Senators (there are two!) and your House Representative asking them to support this bill.  It’s super easy, I promise.  If it weren’t, I would have lost interest already.

Here’s whatcha do:

First, read this whole thing.  It’s not long, I swear.  *cough*that’swhatshesaid*cough*

Then, go to this site to email your Senators.  There’s a form letter already written up, but if you throw in some personal details about your infertility struggle and expenditures, or those of someone about whom you care greatly, these letters will have more of an impact.

After that, go here to email your House Rep.  Again with the personalization of the letter – we want this to appeal to the heart these politicians have, despite the rumors that they are very Grinch-y folks.  That’s simply not true (not always, anyway).

Awesome!  You’re almost done!

Last thing you do?  Share this process via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, or whatever way you can think of to get the word out.  There’s even a spiffy “share” toolbar at the bottom of this page to make your life easier.

So that’s it.

If you followed the steps above, you just helped make an amazing impact.  Not only did you participate in POLITICS (ohhhmigosh breathe), but you are now an advocate for the Infertile Masses whose biggest barrier in building their family is a financial one.

Everyone should have the right to try every path they wish to parenthood, and just because someone lives on a very tight budget shouldn’t exclude them from having children of their own.  This bill being passed could go a long way to helping that dream become a reality for so many, the same way that the adoption tax credit has helped many be able to bring children into their family that way.

So again, I implore you – please do this.

For the sake of everyone getting a fair shot at a family.

For the chance to make a big difference in so many lives.

For the chance to make new lives a possibility.


For me.

For you.

For the rest of the barren, broke, and buckled-down-optimists among us.

One minute of your life could mean the fulfillment of hundreds of thousands of dreams.

And really, politics aside, that is the American Dream… isn’t it?


So you’ll do it?


We shall show our appreciation in the form of a 2015 Baby Boom.

Thank you.

And you’re welcome.


Holy. Shit.

Of course this is the busiest workday OF MY LIFE, and I really shouldn’t be posting this now, plus I don’t have the proper time to fully express how amazing this is, but here goes nothin’.

You remember that RESOLVE contest, right?  Hope Award for Best Blog?

Right, that one.

And remember how this blog was nominated for that award, along with four other COMPLETELY AMAZING bloggers with infertility stories of their own?



Because of all of you and your votes, I assume…


I’m speechless, honestly.  I’m pretty much vibrating with happiness about this.

Here I was, all set to write about how much I hate my period today, and then something like this happens to bring me back down to earth.

Shit just got real, guys.

Really real.

Thank you all so much for your votes and words of encouragement!  I could NOT have found myself here without all of you!

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