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Trigger Progression – 13DPIUI

Friday, June 7th, 2013.  CD27, 13DPIUI.

Hey folks.

Here’s today’s batch of tests… The last one is from today – 13DPIUI/DPO, 15DPT.

As you can see, not much to write home about.


That last test has a very faint, gray second line on it (which you may be able to see if you possess a healthy amount of the Crazy Line Eyes), but it only showed up after sitting on the bathroom counter for a half hour or so.  I’m guessing it’s an evap, just like the test from yesterday that’s above it.

Anyway, as you can see, it seems as though I’m fighting a losing battle against time.  The Prometrium is keeping my dear old Auntie at bay, but only temporarily, I’m sure.

As for symptoms — pregnancy, PMS, or otherwise — all I can tell you is that I’m cranky, hungry, exhausted at night and having trouble staying asleep in the very early morning hours, have ouchy boobies, and have been a little gaggy in the mornings for the past three days.  My temps are also still nicely up.

Again, none of this is shocking, and none of it points clearly one way or the other, which is frustrating.

It could be the Prometrium…I’ve taken it before and not felt this way, but I took it orally before and the side-effects were much less severe than they have been this time around.  That could also be the sole reason for my high-ish temps this late in the cycle.

It could be that the Aunt we love to hate is waiting around the corner to ruin my life… I do have some digestive involvement, such as I usually have during the first few days of the cycle, and the rest of that list could easily be attributed to PMS.

And, I suppose, it could be pregnancy.  But I wouldn’t bet on it.

During my one and only pregnancy cycle, I didn’t have any early symptoms.  I got a positive home test at 10dpo, and so from then on, anything I felt, I attributed to pregnancy.  Much of what I felt then was exactly the same as I might have felt if I were just a PMS-y wreck.

And much of what I felt then is what I’m feeling now.

Is all of that due to a pregnancy that just hasn’t made itself known yet, or due to elevated progesterone?

I don’t know at this point, and sadly there’s nothing I can do but wait and see, and wait some more.  I’ll continue on with the progesterone for another day or two, and of course I’ll keep testing.

Obviously if nothing shows up positive by 16dpiui, I can assume this cycle has failed.

I sort of already assume that it has…

…And I really don’t know where we’re going from here.


Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do…

Saturday, May 25th, 2013.  CD14.

Happy birthday to a very wise man, Ralph Waldo Emerson…

Also, happy IUI day to me!

Things went well this morning, although I was a bit worried because one thing happened out of my carefully crafted schedule…

Thursday night I had intended on some marital intimacy, which would have given us nice coverage between then and the IUI should I ovulate a bit early.  Well, we ordered Chinese takeout on Thursday for dinner and ate it in front of the TV, after which I promptly passed out on the couch.  No idea why I was so exhausted, but I dragged myself to bed at 9pm after triggering, and that sexy-time never happened.

I woke up at 6am on Friday morning, temped, and promptly freaked out.

We managed to cover our bases on Friday morning, but I was a little concerned that it was too close to the IUI and that the husband’s counts might be low because of it…

I was wrong.

Today’s postwash count was 97 million with 95% motility.  Not too shabby!

I had my IUI around 10am as planned, and went on my way.  I have my Prometrium prescription in hand, and will start that on Monday night or Tuesday, and aside from some cramping and uncomfortable bloating, I’m feeling good.


It’s a good day.  🙂

From me to you, wishes for a fantastic holiday weekend!



To Run My Mouth or Not to Run My Mouth…

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013.  CD10.

…That is the question.

So I just got back from my dildo-cam appointment (where they also took around a gallon of blood – rather unexpectedly, mind you), and I have some concerns.

First, I’ve done five days on 5mg of Femara, followed by three days on 75IU of Gonal F.

As of today, I have only two measurable follicles:  an 11 on the right, and a 14 on the left.

This seems on track with my first injects cycle, where I had just slightly smaller follies than that on CD11.  That cycle took 10 days at 75IU of Menopur to get me to a mature follicle.  I triggered on CD17 in that cycle, and ovulated on CD18.

I got my BFP that time, but, well… you know the story of how that worked out.

Issue one:  So, I have smallish follicles for CD10, and the doctor (read:  not MY doctor, but the fill-in doctor) wants me to continue with the 75IU dosage tonight and tomorrow, and return to their office on Thursday.

Issue two:  I started this cycle with one 450IU Gonal F pen in my possession.  I have used 225IU thus far.  I can either use 150IU over the course of the next two nights, and have 75IU leftover for a “just in case” dose, or I can push to do another 75IU tonight, and 150IU tomorrow, and have no safety net.  Also, I’d have to hope and pray that my 14 got itself to maturity by then… and maybe a spare prayer for the 11 to catch up.

Question one:  Should I call the nurse and give her the sad story of my first injectables cycle, and let her know that I would really like to do 75IU tonight, and 150IU tomorrow to ensure these bad boys grow fast?

Issue three:  My lining is also measuring only 6.5, which is a bit low for me.  In previous injects cycles, my lining was measuring around 9 by CD10 or 11.

Question two:  My doctor will let me use Prometrium for an IUI cycle, but hasn’t said anything about using it for timed intercourse cycles… Should I press her for a prescription regardless which direction we go for insemination?

Question three:  Am I a crazy person?  Already?  This soon after a lengthy break in which to come down from Mount CrazyPants??

*le sigh*

So anyway, now you see what I’m mulling over in my mind.  I don’t know whether to keep on the path of least resistance, or stand up and risk becoming the Crazy Patient so soon with this new clinic.

I do know this much:

I know myself, and I know my body.

I know my history.

I know that my body has sometimes responded slowly to meds, and sometimes responded more quickly.

I know that I’ve never used Gonal F before, and am aware that my body may react differently to a synthetic FSH rather than an FSH/LH mix.

I know that I should also probably wait until the results of my Estradiol labs come back before making any grand statements…

I also know that there are many of you out there in the Readerdom who have been through this, and who have much more scientific information to go on than I do at present.

If any of you would like to offer your advice or counsel on this topic, I am ALL EARS, sister!

Please help me, for my CrazyTrain is getting dangerously close to derailment.  🙂


Update:  I called and chatted with a super-friendly nurse (or at least she’s friendly NOW… just wait till she realizes the depths of my crazy…), and she gave my Estradiol number, which was 106.  Nice Nurse also talked me down from the ledge, telling me that at CD10, everything looks pretty good in the eyes of medicine.  I shouldn’t compare this cycle to previous cycles, because so much is different now, like the supplements I’m taking, the dietary changes I’ve made, and the new meds I’m trying like Gonal F and Metformin.

She agreed to call in a Prometrium Rx for me, and said that I can start taking it 72 hours after IUI (if we go that route – if not, I can start it around 3DPO).  Nice Nurse doesn’t think I need to do anything to get my lining thicker, and that it will thicken well enough on its own once I have more mature follicles.  Mature follicles produce more E2, therefore my E2 will go up as my follicles mature, and my lining will thicken as a result.  Or so she says…

Anyway, I feel better.  I’m going to be a good patient (for now… mwahahaha!) and continue with my 75IU dosage for today and tomorrow.  That will leave me with a “just in case” dose for Thursday night if necessary.  Hopefully I won’t need more Gonal F than that, but if I do, Nice Nurse knows the pharmacies in town that have it in stock for emergencies.

Best case scenario looks like this:  Final Gonal F shot on Wednesday, u/s Thursday shows mature follies, trigger Thursday, IUI Friday (maybe), covert ops baby-making Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s hoping!


12DPO Trigger Progression

Saturday, May 19th, 2012.  CD26, 12DPIUI.

Well, it’s been 14 days since the trigger shot, and I think it’s finally out of my system.  Sheesh.

I really had hopes of seeing the lines start to get darker, instead of just lighter and lighter and fading away completely.  Ugh.

Well, on a positive note, I almost tossed my cookies on the patio of a restaurant last night when some old dude started eating his fries with vinegar.  Blech!  I was surprised how much the smell effected me.  And then later, at the baseball game, I swear I could still smell the vinegar… I also teared up during the national anthem.  Totally weird.

Oh, and my boobs?  They caught up with the cycle and finally started to torture me, as per usual.  Of course.

AND my temp appears to be in a free-fall.  Great.

I guess I figure that if I were pregnant, I would probably be getting BFPs before symptoms… right?

Oh I just don’t know.

I’m going to go clean the house and then get outside and enjoy this beautiful, sunny weekend.

Peace out, girl scouts.  🙂


New and Improved – Even More Crazy Per Pound!

Friday, May 18th, 2012.  CD25, 11DPIUI.

Soooo…  I really thought I was dealing with this cycle better than cycles past.

I had a plan for this Two Week Torture Wait… I’ve been staying busy, not paying such close attention to symptoms, and generally not planning for any outcome of the cycle – positive or negative.

And then?

And then the crazy came to town.

I don’t know who flipped the bitch-switch, but whoa.  Today has been intense.

I know part of it is due to lack of sleep… I should have gone to bed earlier last night, and I just didn’t sleep very restfully despite having had an hour-long massage yesterday.

All I know is that I woke up this morning with my crankypants on, and as soon as I was vertical, I realized I had a killer ear ache.  I don’t think I’ve had one of those since I was a kid!  It was weird, and it only lasted an hour, but it was enough to make my day start out kinda iffy.

The husband drove me to work today so we could drop off his car at the shop for some minor repairs, so it was nice to be able to see him in the morning.  That helped.

It also helped that today at lunchtime, we held a “baby shower” for a coworker who recently discovered an injured kitten in her driveway, took said kitten to the vet where one of his legs was amputated, and then adopted said kitten into her family!  It was adorable, and I swear half the office was in attendance.  What a spoiled little tripod that kitty’s going to be.  🙂

Okay, so by now I’m in a slightly better mood.  The husband is taking me to a baseball game tonight, and while I don’t really care so much about the sport, I do love me some hot dogs.  And sunshine.  And boys in tight pants who bend over a lot.  So there’s that.


As for the rest of the crazy, I think I finally started symptom-stalking.  Or maybe lack-of-symptom-stalking…

I have almost no breast tenderness this cycle!  That has been one of the worst, and most persistent side-effects of the Prometrium, and this month?  Nothin’.

Totally weird.

There’s also the hunger.  And thirst.  Could be from the progesterone, I know…

The fatigue.  Totally from the progesterone.  Strike that one from the record.

I’ve been kind of sniffly/sneezy/stuffy lately.  Along with that random, drive-by ear ache.  But it’s allergy season in the Great White North, and though I’ve not suffered from them in the past, it would make sense that my age has caught up with me in that regard.

My back hurts.  Real down low-like.  Even after getting a massage… I’m just hoping that’s not Aunt Flo knocking at the door.

I just want this to work.  I feel like if I want it too badly, I will somehow jinx myself.  I feel like if I act too nonchalant, I will jinx myself.

I wish I knew where the word jinx came from.  It’s fun to say, type, and look at… Hmm…






Seriously.  I don’t know if it’s because I have increased progesterone levels this month, or because I’m just so busy with work/life/what-life?-all-I-do-is-work!, but I can barely stay awake today.

Oh, and focusing on a task long enough to complete it?  Fuhgeddabouttit.

All this, and my workplace had the second week of Office Olympics today, in which we completed a photo scavenger hunt all over downtown Toledo.  In heels.

My poor thighs are going to be crying about that for days.

Oh.  And neither my Pandora nor my Spotify will work, so I can’t even listen to music at my desk to perk me up.



At least there’s my old friend Mountain Dew.

I’m sure that’s great for baby, lol.





Officially Out: The Tale of the Thirstiest Thursday

March 8th, 2012.  CD29, 15DPIUI.

Well, as expected, the beta results came back negative.  Not like that was a shock… My temps took a dump this morning, alerting me to what I already suspected.

Well played, uterus.  Well played…

Oh well… What’s one more month in the grand scheme of things?

Today will be filled with lots of working, followed by an evening spent drinking a bottle of wine that’s been chilled in preparation for this very event.  Hopefully laying off the Prometrium will coax Aunt Flo out of hiding and we can jump start this next cycle.

Time to work on my Apocalypse Baby!!  Yeehaw!


Progesterone Day

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012.  CD21, 7DPIUI.

Well, my ultrasound appointment went well this morning.  My uterine lining is nice and thick, and the doctor said that’s exactly what they want to see.  I believe it measured over 18mm.

My progesterone level wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it might be, however.  14.6.  Not terrible, but I figured it would be higher since I’m taking 200mg of Prometrium daily.

Oh well… It’s still all good news today, and hopefully the trend continues!

Happy Lump Day, everyone!

(Leap Day + Hump Day = Lump Day)


This Is the Post That Never Ends…

November 10th, 2011.  CD15.


I know, I know.

I’m a sucky blogger.

I’ve been absent for far too long, and for that I’m sorry.  After the outcome of the last cycle, I was a little gun-shy, and felt like taking a step back.

No longer, though!

Things have changed, and I’ve come to peace with the fact that this road to a baby is fraught with all sorts of hangups and hiccups and big-ass potholes the size of Michigan.  I’ve reevalutated some things, and come to accept that if I’m going to pursue this goal, I’m going to just have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

So I’ve been gone a while… Time for updates!

When last we spoke (or I spoke, I suppose, and you listened.  Or read.  Whatever.), I was distraught because my beta came back inconclusive and I had to repeat it.  Obviously, it came back negative the second time, and I went on to eat my feelings for about a week.

Luckily it was Halloween and there was candy available.

Since then, things have been interesting.  Let me give you a little stream of consciousness update of my activities of late:

Workplace Halloween party = success.  Dressed up like a contestant on The Bachelor, along with several other girls, and one lucky guy who got to dress as the bachelor himself.  There were games, and cupcakes, and adult beverages to be had.  I skipped those and pounded Midol, but it was still a grand old time.  …I wish Aunt Flo hadn’t interfered in my plans to attend the downtown Toledo zombie bar crawl that night, but alas, there’s always next year.

Talked to Dr. Fran a bit about the timing for the November cycle, and decided that IUI isn’t in the cards for us this month.  I have social plans, and I can’t be all like “Hey girls, you go on ahead and grab lunch.  I just gotta run out and get inseminated real quick, but I’ll meet up with you after and we can buy some cute shoes!”

We agreed that I would continue with the Femara and Prometrium, but since my social agenda gets in the way of a lot of appointment timing this month, I’m skipping the Ovidrel.  Today is my CD15, and I’m fairly certain that ovulation is happening today or tonight.  Wheeee!

We also decided that I am going to take some time off from the meds in December.  We can reconsider our options in 2012, but I don’t want to be crazy from medications at Christmas.  I mean, that’s what family’s for, right?

Last weekend, I went on a little overnighter with my girlfriends, as we met up back in our old stomping grounds in West Michigan.  It was so good to spend time with a whole bunch of my favorite females again!  We had a ton of fun, even though there were some awkward moments where two girls would be talking about their babies, one girl would pitch in with her current pregnancy status, and I would comment on the saltiness of the soup.  Soooo… yeah.  Still though – totally needed that weekend.

Oh, and another awesome thing about last weekend was the fact that it fell within days of the month that I can imbibe some spirits, yo.  And I totally did.  Pitcher of margaritas, anyone?  Later in the evening, my friend’s baby was ordering me drinks from in utero.  Turns out baby likes cotton candy martinis.  Who knew?

Work has been going well, and I’m staying busy.  I love my job.  Seriously… I know people say that, but maybe they just can’t appreciate how truly horrifying a workplace can be.  I have been there, and it was filled with pretty dresses.  I now sit at a desk all day, under a skylight, next to a big plant, and in front of a computer.  Some might say that sounds boring, but I freaking love it.

Also, it’s nice that I have enough time during lunch to update my blog.  (Oh crap, only four minutes left!)

One of my coworkers talked me into seeing a chiropractor for my neck and back tension and recurring headaches, and yesterday was my first appointment.  Dr. Bonecruncher was very nice, and as soon as she touched the tensed up baseballs in my shoulders that are supposed to be muscles, she told me she was sending me directly to physical therapy after my x-rays.  Physical therapy was basically some kind of electrical probes stuck on my shoulders and back, and they tingled and it felt amazing.  They also did some kind of vibrating back massage thing that was like heaven.  I think I’m gonna like Dr. Bonecruncher.

Even though she usually doesn’t do adjustments on the first trip to her office, the good doctor did a small adjustment on my neck, which made me feel like my head was popping off.  She said my neck was so out of place that she was surprised I could sleep at night.  She also told me that she sees solutions to fertility issues in her office all the time, and although she wasn’t guaranteeing anything, I might be able to see some benefits in more ways than just better posture and fewer headaches.  I go back in a week, and I can’t wait to see how screwed up my back is on those x-rays!

The best thing going on right now in my life is happening in less than twenty-four hours.  It’s officially time for the annual Deer Widows Weekend shopping trip with the women of the family and the crazy church ladies.  I know you’re jealous.

So, in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is how Deer Widows Weekend goes down:

Friday – get up at ass-crack of dawn, pack warm clothes and stretchy pants for a whole weekend, and drive to Frankenmuth, Michigan, where it’s Christmas all year.

Arrive in town around lunchtime and shop at the cute little boutiques and cheese shops.  Seriously.  They have shops that only sell cheese.  And sausage.  It’s a Bavarian town, people, the sausage is big there.

(That’s what she said.)

Anyway, after shopping in town, we check into our hotel and prepare for the rest of the day which will include shopping at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (THE BIGGEST CHRISTMAS STORE EVARRR!!), and dinner at Zehnder’s.  If you’ve never had family style dinner at a Bavarian restaurant, drop your laptop and head to Michigan.  For reals.  Their fried chicken and buttered noodles will change. your. life.

We will then end the day in the hotel, sorting through our purchases and gorging ourselves on leftover chicken and Bavarian cheeses.

Saturday – Up at ass-crack of dawn yet again, this time to prepare for a day of outlet mall shopping.  The crazy church ladies have it down to a science at this point.  I have had coupons and maps printed for weeks, and I am ready for battle.  Look out, women of Birch Run!  I am ready for some bargains!!

A late dinner will follow the shopping adventure, and then we sometimes head back to Bronner’s if we have forgotten any important Christmas paraphernalia in our previous trips.  After all of that, it’s back to the hotel to sort out our purchases and relax a bit.

Sunday – Pack for home, and make room in the car for any last minute purchases that might occur on the way out of town.  Because they always do…

The best part of this whole weekend is going to be spending time with my mom, little sister (it’s her first trip!), and my sister-in-law, who I know is not a huge shopper, but who I’m sure will find things to love about this trip as well.  I mean, she gets to spend time with me, and I may or may not have started taking the crazy pills by the end of the weekend, so BatshitcrazyTracy might at least be a little bit entertaining.

Plus we get to spend money!  Without any men around to tell us not to!  Yesssss!

So anyway, I’m pretty psyched about tomorrow and the upcoming weekend.  I’m taking a day off of work, and heading out early on my own little road trip, and the poor husband will be home alone with the pets.  Oh whatever will he do without me?

…I somehow get the feeling he will fill his lonely hours with football and other such mindless entertainment, the evidence of which will be mysteriously erased from my laptop’s memory by the time I return home.

So, the moral of that mind-numbingly long story is that I am happy.  I am content with where I am right now, and I am trying not to be stressed out about what may (or may not) come.  I have decided not to spend the holidays medicated, and we can revisit our infertility issues after the new year.

Until then, the holidays are practically upon us!

Joy to the World, bitches!

…And, happy spending, fellow shoppers!

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