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Hurry Up and Wait

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013.  CD18, 2DPO.

Howdy, friends.

I hope you all had fantastic Summer Solstice SuperMoon weekends!  …I know I did!

I’m drowning in work these days, so this will probably be a pretty short, stream of consciousness-type update.

Here goes…

I wrapped up the follicular half of my cycle over the weekend, which was a blessed relief.  I actually got a positive OPK – a blaring positive! – without a trigger and everything!  Despite the length and multiple hardships of this journey, it’s nice to know that my body occasionally knows what to do on its own.

Based on OPK results (I had positives on Saturday and Sunday mornings), and temps (they stayed low all weekend and SHOT up on Monday morning!), I am guessing that ovulation took place sometime on Sunday.  The husband and I timed things fairly well over the weekend, despite the fact that we spent Saturday night sleeping on an air mattress at my parents’ house.

Speaking of which, we had a nice weekend out in The Homeland with my family.  We had some family photos taken on Saturday out at the property where my grandma lived when she was alive.  It’s nice out there… it feels like home.  Very nature-y and full of wildlife, like deer, foxes, owls…

…Coyotes, bobcats… and bears.

Yeah.  Bears.

Apparently my dad has seen a black  bear in the area on and off over the years.  We were lucky not to encounter said bear while we were out there taking pictures, but our idiotic dog found a large pile of bear crap and immediately rolled around in it.

Seriously.  He went from frolicking in the wildflowers like some Laura Ingalls Wilder shit, to rolling, and covering himself, in bear excrement.

Oh, and for the record?  Bear shit is possibly the worst-smelling thing you can imagine.  Probably worst than you can actually imagine.  It defies logic how badly our dog smelled after his odoriferous roll in the grass.

Luckily enough, we weren’t terribly far from my parents’ house and bathtub, and after a ten minute long, very smelly drive, we were able to give him a bath in every chemical imaginable and defeat the horrifying odor.

Thankfully, or it would have been an exceptionally  L  O  N  G  four-hour drive home!

So that was my weekend.  Wildflowers and bear shit and rolling in the hay.

This was the idyllic scene just before my dog bounded through  here, covered in the excrement of a large omnivore.

This was the idyllic scene just before my dog bounded through here, covered in the excrement of a large omnivore.

Gooooooood times.

Now that I’m back to reality, I made a call to Dr. F’s office today, attempting to move up my laparoscopy…

No go.

My meeting with the good doctor still stands at July 25th, a whole month away, and at that time, she will schedule my lap surgery.  The nurse I spoke to today thinks that it will be in August, but she couldn’t be sure.  I expressed my need to have this surgery completed before the summer ends, so I’m hopeful that they get the point.

I’m eager to get this thing over with, and I keep getting told to wait a little longer.  Gah!

Of course, I’ll continue to call for cancellations.  I’m not one to give up, you know.  😉

So that’s that.

The rest of June and the first week in July will be spent in TWW Hell.  I’ll probably attempt another Femara cycle in July since I have nothing better to do than wait around.  And hopefully August will bring a surgical solution to the mystery issues with my girly bits.

Yay, summer!




The Madness

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012.  CD21, 6DPO… I think.

I’ve been a bad blogger.

But it’s not without good reason… I’ve been busy!


I spent most of last week preparing for, and traveling to, and tromping all over Atlanta.  It was a whirlwind four days, but the trip was successful from both a business and fun standpoint.

I honestly didn’t get to see much of the ATL other than the inside of my very nice hotel room (and subsequent view from the 53rd floor), and the inside of the gigantic conference center where I spent most of my time.  The parts I did see were great, however!

I did NOT get to spend enough time in that bed, but when I did, I slept RIGHT. IN. THE. MIDDLE.

The night view from the 53rd floor of the Westin Peachtree Downtown

And the morning view

And this guy was outside the front door. Classy.

On Thursday night, I met up with a couple of friends who live in town and they took me out to a fantastic burger place called Vortex Burger.  I love going to local places instead of the typical chain joints, and I always like to order something different, and regional if possible.

During the course of the weekend, I had some genuine southern pulled pork, bison pot roast, grits, sweet tea, and more Coca-Cola than this Pepsi girl could handle.  Oh, and during the one fancy-schmancy dinner paid for by the company, I ordered a steak as big as my face.  And ate most of it, too.

I think it was a brontosaurus steak, but I can’t sure…

And so, at Vortex, I ordered an Elvis Burger:

I still dream of this meat masterpiece.

This bad boy was a third-pound burger with peanut butter, fried bananas, and bacon.

And it was DELICIOUS.

That lovely experience was followed by a trip to what was described to me as a “dive bar”, but what turned out to be a small drinking establishment in the filthy basement of a fifty-year-old hotel that’s long since been condemned by the health department.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Oh, and they had dancers.  That were older than the building.

Guess who was given the gift of a table dance for her inaugural visit to the Dirty South?


Her name was Porche, and she kindly explained to me the best times to buy specific gemstones from the Home Shopping Network.

…While mostly nude.


Contrary to popular belief, I do still speak with these friends.  😉

Anyway, back to business.  The conference itself went very well.  It was extremely busy and there was very little downtime during the day, but the websites and social media outlets I’d created for the event worked perfectly and our booth was the talk of the show.  It was really a fun experience, but I was super happy to fly home on Saturday night.

I spent about four hours in the airport waiting for my late flight to leave, and after three gate changes, I finally boarded around 10:30pm.  I was alone in my row for most of the boarding, but at the very last minute, a rather corpulent gentleman was escorted to the seat directly next to me, effectively pinning me against the window.

Now, far be it from me to judge anyone because of their weight, but this guy was something else… He asked for a seat belt extender, and when it was explained to him that he can’t have a belt extender in the exit row of the plane for the safety of the other passengers, he proceeded to swear and grumble and shift himself around until he could squeeze into the regular seat belt.

He then produced some really smelly food from his carry-on, and the whole plane instantly smelled like sausage.


I tried to sleep, but every time I dozed off, Mr. Big would have some kind of snoring-sleep-apnea attack and snort and choke and flail his giant, meaty arms all over, nearly maiming me in the process.

Ugh.  Good times.

Thankfully, the husband came to pick me up at the airport and I was able to relax a little during the hour-long car ride home.  I slept for probably ten hours late into Sunday!  It was great to be back in my own bed!

It’s a relief to be home, but now the chaos is all home-related.  We are in the process of moving into the new house this week, and the movers come for the furniture on Friday.

Oh right, and Thanksgiving is in there somewhere too…

I’m super excited to move, but I know how tiring the process can be.  All of this madness makes me glad I didn’t try to cycle this month.  I am pretty sure I ovulated the day I got to Atlanta, so that wouldn’t have worked out anyway…

Curious, though… If my calculations are correct, I ovulated on CD14 – like a “textbook female”!  Weird!

Let’s not get excited, though.  I was traveling and have been terrible at keeping up with temping, so I’m honestly not sure if that’s right.  I do expect Aunt Flo by the end of the month, however, and am hoping to start cycling again then.

Oh yay, another medicated birthday!  😉  This year will give a whole new meaning to the term “birthday shots”, haha.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy week or so around here, and I’m sorry for the NOVEL you just had to read (or maybe you skimmed… I would have skimmed.  I don’t blame you for skimming.).  I swear I will try to keep up on the updates and post pics of the new house soon!

In the meantime, please have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends!


“O” Happy Day!

Friday, August 3rd, 2012.  CD18.

Happy Friday, friends!

I’m happy because after my drama-free Ovidrel trigger last night, the husband and I managed to have a nice little “evening in”, as it were.

I’m happy because I woke up this morning to a fantastic looking temp-dip, and I expect a nice, big rise tomorrow morning, signaling that today is officially O-Day!

(O is for ovulation.  Not that other O.  Although, who knows?  The day is still young, after all!  😉 )

I’m happy because I have a relaxing weekend of laundry, reading and dvr-catch-up planned.

I may also finally take the plunge and delve a little deeper into this whole Doctor Who thing I’ve recently started.  I know, I know.  Like I need another notch on my nerd belt.  I just love the Brits, what can I say?

I hope you all are also having happy Fridays!  Cheers to a great weekend!!  🙂


Trigger Happy

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012.  CD17. 


This picture made me snort-laugh. Special dedication to a good friend who made me laugh with this line earlier in the week!

Today is Trigger Day!

Do you know what that means??

That means that after today, my poor bruised belly will get a break from needles for at least two weeks!


I have been worried about this cycle not working  (As if worrying about it is going to help…).  I realize though, that there are a whole load of reasons why it might just work this time:

  • Yeah, I have a mild UTI.  That sucks.  Consumption of juice that tastes like poisonous acid aside, I think the extra fluids combined with the new meds is giving me the best cervical fluid I’ve ever had!
  • I can feel my ovaries.  Like, they are pulsating with life right now.  It’s freaky.  That must mean they are ready to give up some good eggs!
  • Sexy-Time Central is going to fall on the (almost)weekend, which means well-rested romps and a sleep-in-Saturday!
  • I have had very few side-effects from the Menopur, which has been a blessing.  I really thought this was going to turn me into a hormonal wild animal, but I’ve been pretty level on the hormone front.  This will also make gettin’ some easier, since no man likes to try to have sex with a rabid wolverine.

I know this isn’t a wolverine, but it’s still a pretty good representation of what I feel like when I’m hormonal.

Anyway, I have hope for this cycle!  Here’s to Sexy Time, fertilized eggs, and a serene rational Two Week Wait!



36 Hours + 20 Questions = Crazy Person

July 24th, 2011.  CD16.

It’s official.  The thirty-six hour period after which I gave myself that wretched trigger shot has passed.  At some point in the past few days, I must have ovulated.  I’m in the Two Week Wait.

…Let the insanity begin.

...So this is what you get when you type "crazy" into Google Image Search... Hmm.

Oh, and just to drive home the whole “insanity” thing, let me wax philosophical about my chart for a minute.  …To be fair, it may be more than a minute, so get out now while you still can.

So, three days ago, the morning of my CD13 ultrasound, my BBT dipped pretty darn low.  I also had some gorgeous-looking EWCM that day, and the day before as well.  On CD14, my temp went up… Not extraordinarily high or anything, but still.  Up.  I had a teeny bit of EWCM early that morning, and then nothing thereafter.  This was also the day I triggered, after my little freak-out and subsequent conversation with Dr. Fran’s office.

Confused?  I’d be surprised if you weren’t.  (Obscure Harry Potter reference.  Hah.)

Allow me to create a timeline (of insanity), followed by a screenshot of the aforementioned chart:

Wednesday, July 20th, CD12 Lovely amount of EWCM, better quality than I ever recall seeing in past cycles.  Temp is normal/average.  Do the Dirty this evening.

Thursday, July 21st, CD13 – More EWCM; nice.  Temp dips to lowest point in cycle thus far.  Ultrasound shows 16mm follicle on the right side.  Plan is to DTD Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and trigger Saturday.  Afternoon OPK is negative.

Friday, July 22nd, CD14 – Teeny bit of EWCM in the morning, nothing the rest of the day.  Temp rises.  FMU comes up with positive OPK.  Freak out and call Dr. Fran, who tells me to trigger this evening instead.  Ovidrel shot of death, 8pm.  DTD a bit later in the evening.

Saturday, July 23rd, CD15 – CM is pretty much nonexistent at this point.  Temp rises yet again.  FMU comes up with positive OPK.  Attempt to DTD this evening, but a combination of heat, exhaustion, and a general feeling of unwell on the part of the husband make the outcome… umm… less than spectacular.  No check-mark for today.  Oops.

Sunday, July 24th, CD15 – What CM?  Temp maintains same level as yesterday; still high-ish, but no rise.  FMU comes up with positive OPK… Getting tired of that smug little smiley face.  Woke up the husband to DTD this morning, after which he rolled over and went back to sleep while I propped up my hips and Facebooked from bed.  Classy.

See what I mean?

Alright, so aside from thinking I’m batshit crazy, does anyone have any ideas about this?  I am tempted to believe that I may have surged on my own on the day of my CD13 ultrasound, but I suppose there’s no way to know for sure since no bloodwork was done on that day.

If that was the case, would triggering after or during ovulation have any negative impact on the cycle?

Is a 16mm follicle mature enough?

How will the doc adjust my treatment in the next cycle to ensure that I have ample time to mature my follies further?

Soooo many questions.  I guess this is why my RE doesn’t give out her email address.



Free Ollie!

July 23rd, 2011.  CD15.

So yesterday was pretty crazy…

I woke up, used an OPK, went about my business for a few minutes, and returned to find that smartass little smiley face staring back up at me.

And then I freaked out.

You see, on Thursday, the day of my CD13 ultrasound appointment, my temperature dipped rather low.  Now, I know this could mean nothing because of the meds, and in fact, my temp did the same exact thing last cycle on CD13 and it turned out not to have been ovulation… But still, I was internally a little afraid that I’d surge on my own, and that smiley face all but confirmed my fears.

In a panic, I did what comes naturally to me.  I consulted Dr. Google.  Then I went to Twitter and my FertilityFriends for some advice.  Only then did I call Dr. Fran’s office to let her know what happened.

I waited around a little while before finally giving up on getting an immediate return to my psychotic phone message; I had to work yesterday, and I figured I ought to do my coworkers the favor of showering.  After said shower, I naughtily peed on another OPK, which promptly turned out negative.

I started imagining all the possibilities in my head: I surged early, and the husband and I had decided to forgo Sexy-Time the night before in preparation for a three-night-robot-sex-marathon the following day.  I had missed my mark.  This cycle was barely off the ground and already it was a bust.  UGH.

Finally, just as I was walking into work, Dr. Fran’s office called me.  She took a look at my ultrasound again, and said she didn’t think this was anything major to be concerned about, but she wanted to me to move up my Ovidrel trigger shot from Saturday night to Friday.

And so, when I got home from work last night, Operation: Free Ollie began.

First, I set the mood by watching this video:

Then, I locked myself in the bathroom out of sight of the poor, squeamish husband, washed my hands like I was prepping for surgery, and started dismantling the Ovidrel box.  I did just what they said–I removed the cap, I tapped the syringe so the air bubble was at the top, I pressed the plunger till all the air was out.

And then I just stared at the thing, trying to psych myself up enough to stab it into my stomach.  The internal conversation went something like this:

You can do this, Tracy.  You’re not a little girl.  You’ve had shots before–Hell, you’ve even given a diabetic friend her insulin once!

Yeah, but I was drunk then, I barely remember that!

Whatever.  Don’t be a wuss.  Pinch that stomach skin and stick it in there.

Aggh!  I can’t make myself do it!  What if I close my eyes?  Maybe that will work…

Yeah right, and then you’ll stab your finger and start freaking out that the most fertile part of you is on your hand.  I’m sure your doctor would love to get that phone call on a Friday night.  Just quit being a chicken-shit and do it already!

Okay, you’re right.  I can do this.  I am woman, hear me roar… or something.

I imagined that giving myself a shot would be much like it was on the video–quick and precise.  Instead, I stuck that needle into my stomach in what seemed like slow motion.  And then I stared at that ugly piece of metal and glass, raping my abdomen, for probably a good minute before I started pressing down the plunger to administer the Ovidrel.  Removing the needle was much quicker… Imagine that.

Afterwards, I realized I hadn’t really breathed in a while, and so I sat down.  Quickly.  And stayed there a bit.

Thank the Good Lord I didn’t keel over in the bathroom, because when I emerged, the husband was passed out on the couch after a long day at work.  When he realized I was back in the room, he kind of looked at me like “Hey, where’ve you been?

I told him what the doctor had said on the phone this morning, and that her weekend prescription for a baby went something like this:

Tracy – Shoot up with drugs, try not to stress out about it, release an egg, provide a comfortable environment for said egg to thrive and become fertilized, and try not to do anything that will derail this effort.

Husband – Have a whole bunch of sex.

You know that obnoxious thing Tiger Woods does when he sinks a putt?  Yeah.  That’s pretty much what the husband did upon receiving this news.  Ugh.  Boys.

And so, here I am hoping that giving myself that injection last night was the final nudge Ollie needed to begin his journey to becoming my little tater tot.

I’m doing my part… I guess all we can do now is wait.

Oh, and have lots of sex.  Dear GOD, let’s not forget the sex…



July 1st, 2011.  CD30, 17DPO… Maybe?

So, I’m beginning to think that maybe Dr. Fran and the ultrasound tech were perhaps mistaken about my so-called “early ovulation”.  I plugged in a manual override on FertilityFriend back when they told me they suspected I had ovulated, and since then I’ve been moving along as if I’d already passed that OV date.

My temp surged yesterday, and stayed up higher than it’s been all cycle again today.  I’ve also had the weird rubber cement-y CM the past few days as well, which I guess could be classified as eggwhite.

I removed the override from CD13 today, just to see what happens if my temp stays up tomorrow.  I have a pretty good feeling that FF will confirm what I already think.

Tell me what you think about this chart:

Oh, and because I thought the doc couldn’t possibly be wrong about my ovulation status, the husband and I have been a little lax on the baby-making the past two weeks.

And by lax, I mean dry spell.


We tried to sneak in a little encounter last night, but everything in me tells me it was too late to catch that egg.  If there even was an egg.

I’m just ready to call this month quits and move along to my first Femara cycle–with monitoring.


Sometimes I wish I was ignorant, and maybe this wouldn’t be so hard…



June 17th, 2011.  CD16, 3DPO…?

So yesterday at this time, I was settling in to the thought that I had about a week’s wait before ovulation.

Today, apparently, I am firmly in the Two Week Wait.

Crazy, right?  I know!

I went to my chart on Fertility Friend and checked out when I had my temp rise, which lined up exactly with the time frame the ultrasound tech told me she thought I had ovulated–two to three days ago.  So, I did what any obsessive TTC-er would do; I manually overrode the system and placed my ovulation date.

I feel like such a cheater!  And a slouch!  Not only did I not know I ovulated, even if I had been using OPK’s to test, I probably wouldn’t have started using them until after the day I actually ovulated anyway!  And forget about Sexy Timing!  We probably would have started yesterday, had I not received the unexpected news about my premature ovulation. Thankfully, there was one little “encounter” a few days ago that made it onto the chart before the egg-drop, or I would have to chalk this month up to a total waste before it even got off the ground.

What is my body trying to do to me??

Read More


RE-Day, Epilogue

This is totally going to be me: On my period and all smug and Zen and crap. Just wait.

Alright, first of all, thank you for following all of this madness today.  I wish this blog had a Facebook-like status update button so I could have avoided bogging down the whole site with teeny two-sentence posts.  Alas, I am not that savvy, and so, again, thank you for sticking around!

The rest of RE-Day went a little like this:

After a bit of a wait (and a delicious lunch), I was brought in for my date with the ultrasound wand, which is just as much fun as it sounds.  The very nice ultrasound tech told me a few things I already knew (thanks to a good friend!):  My uterus is retroverted, my egg supply looks good in both ovaries, and all of my girl-parts look like they’re healthy and in the appropriate places.

She also asked me what cycle day today is for me, and I told her–CD15.  But, I said, I have long cycles and ovulate late, so I don’t expect ovulation for another few days, maybe even a week.  Trust me.  I chart these things.  Religiously.

The very nice ultrasound tech informed me that it looked to her like I already had ovulated on my left side.



Pardon my French, lady,  but No Freaking Way.

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June 2nd, 2011.  CD1.

I may have blogged too soon.

Aunt Flo is in town.  Surprise!

I guess this means that I did ovulate at some point during the month… Although it also means that I totally wasted an HPT this morning.  Oh well, at least when I see the RE in two weeks, I will have a fairly regular cycle to report.

I can also now commence with eating everything in my kitchen.  Could be worse…


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