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Doing Shots

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012.  CD8.

I started the Menopur shots last night; same dosage as the last cycle, 75iu per night for five nights.

You would think that after all the shots I’ve had to get and give myself that I wouldn’t be such a little girl about it, but last night was pretty bad.

I spent a half hour watching YouTube videos of women mixing medications and giving themselves shots, and then another ten minutes psyching myself up in the mirror to actually stab that tiny little needle into my belly.

It didn’t even hurt, but I was such a wimp about it.  I’m hoping tonight will be better.

Perhaps since the husband will be home, that will pressure me into doing it quickly and getting it over with.  Sometimes peer pressure is actually helpful.

So that’s it with the meds.  Just a shot a night till Friday, when I have a monitoring ultrasound with Dr. K, and hopefully some fat follies ready to pop.  I’m hopeful, but not anticipating, that the trigger will be over the weekend.  The husband has the day off on Saturday, and that would be a great day to… you know.  Do that one thing.

Oh hey, want a moving update?  Here it is!

We finalized everything with the apartment move-out over the weekend.  Well, on Sunday – my birthday – to be exact.

And by we, I mean me.

All alone, painting walls white and carrying paint cans and ladders out to my car while the husband was working.

*cue the violins*

Thankfully, I’d had help from the world’s best in-laws with the painting earlier in the week, so it didn’t take nearly as long as it could have.

We are officially IN our new house!  The painting is mostly complete, with just one little ol’ wall I want to adjust.  We have boxes everywhere, and most mornings I can’t find my pants, but it’s slowly coming together.

We have a little housewarming shindig planned for the end of the month, and I’m excited about having people over for the first time in… forever!  We always had crappy little apartments filled with cats and dogs, and never wanted to really have people come over and hang out, but with this new house, that’s all changed.

We have space now.  Space for the feline tenants to hide when company comes over, and space for their litter boxes to inhabit and not generally gross out anyone within proximity.  (For the record, we do clean them daily, but we have one fat cat who shall remain nameless that refuses to “cover” his eliminations.  Ugh.)

We have a yard where people can congregate, and may even have a fire pit when warmer weather arrives!  We can grill out on the patio, and the dog can run around with whatever kiddos might be over, and the adults can relax and play cards and have drinks and food and generally just be merry.

It’s idyllic.  Seriously.

I never fancied myself a girl for the suburbs, but I’m coming around.  🙂

Once we get things a little more organized and put some pictures on the walls, I’ll post some photos.  Until then, it’s going to be a straight-up free for all to get this place in order.

And, you know, Christmas, birthdays, our anniversary, and New Year’s.

No biggie.

Thankfully, it’s eat-your-feelings-and-stress season.  😉

Happy Holidays!




August 11th, 2011.  CD8.

The one word that describes my life at present?


1.  My last day of work is tomorrow.  Not my last day of work at my current job, but my last day of work for the forseeable future… I do not have another job lined up in our new town.  Yet.

2.  I am currently waiting to hear back about an interview I had on Tuesday.  The job seems so perfect for me, and I know I would love the new challenge.  I sent thank-you notes to follow up with the interviewers, and received an email back from one of them letting me know she thinks I’m perfect for her team, and that she is working on an offer for me.  …I only hope it all works out.  We are definitely not prepared to be a one-income couple just yet.

3.  We are moving on Saturday… that’s two days from now.  My whole life is half in boxes and half waiting to be packed up.  The new place has yet to be painted, and the current place needs to be touched up before we can leave it for good.

4.  Sunday is the day our move should be mostly complete.  Paint will be dry and furniture will be moved in.  We should be able to stay the night in our new home in three days…Even if we do end up sleeping on a mattress on the floor the first night or two.

5.  Monday is the settling-in day, and thankfully the husband has the day off of work.  The cable and internet installer will come by, and we will be able to arrange furniture, set up our kitchen, and put some nails in the walls.

6.  Tuesday is the day I’m planning to move the cats from the current place to the new place.  I still have yet to call the vet and find out how much sedative is appropriate for a 28-pound cat… Oh, and not to throw anything else on my already heaping plate, but Tuesday morning is my appointment with Wandy at the optometry office.  If Ollie is growing well, I will be instructed to trigger by this time next week.

…And with the trigger comes the other thing.  The Sexy-Time thing.  I barely know what that is anymore, to be honest.

You see, what with the stress of the move, the husband’s identity theft issue, my untimely UTI, the subsequent antibiotics that made me rather pukey, Aunt Flo’s unwelcome arrival, and the Femara side-effects, we have had somewhat of a dry spell lately.

Like the Sahara.

But hey, nothing like an exhilarating big change in life, and some new paint on the walls to inspire one to get back on the horse, as it were.

…I’m sure the husband appreciates being referred to as “the horse“, by the way.

You’re welcome, honey.  Now the whole world knows.

Anyway, if I’m distant for the next week or so, you have officially been warned as to why that may be.  I’m hopeful that once our new internet service is installed, I will be able to update you on the progress of this cycle.  The progress of the move may be slow, but by the end of August three things will be certain:

1.) We will have officially and completely made the transition from residents of the Detroit suburbs to residents of the Toledo suburbs, 2.) I will know if I will have a new job to go along with the new place, and 3.) we will either be pregnant… or not.

Either way, it will be good to put this month behind us and I’m already looking forward to the future in our new home.

…Whether our guest bedroom will transition into a nursery remains to be seen…


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