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Spring Has Sprung and Other Updates

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013.  CD18.

Howdy, folks.

I’m so sorry I’ve been slacking lately.  I expected to finish out NIAW with this grand Q & A post in vlog form, and then this lovely sinus infection/mucus overload/dry cough/croaky voice thing happened, and I both look and sound terrible.

Ain’t nobody wanna see that.

So that will have to be put off for another day when I can talk without sounding like Urkel.

Errmmm… what else?

Oh yes.  The weather here in Northwest Ohio has turned.


It’s freaking gorgeous outside today, and I’m already dreaming of bonfires and barbecues and capri pants.  I suppose it’s about time we were exposed to some nice weather anyway, right?



So besides this ultra-sexy, mucusy sinus thing I have going on, the rest of my body seems to be confused as well.

Like this morning for example… I brushed my teeth, took my vitamin, grabbed my purse and started to walk out the door.

And then out the blue my stomach’s all like, “Hey gurl heeeeeey!  You know that vitamin you’ve been taking every day for the past 4.5 years?  Well eff that, because today we don’t want it anymore!”

*commence puking*

And then I was fine.  Drove to work.  Drank a smoothie.  On with the day.

The Metformin is slowly trying to kill me.  I’ve lost weight like whoa, and have had to cut my dosage back quite a bit to cope.  I feel like maybe I just need to give it more time and figure out what I can eat on the lowest dosage first, before attempting to move onto a higher dose at all.

I also really enjoy not feeling like absolute dog poo.

Another thing I’ve been reading (read: Googling) is that many people/doctors are saying that thin women with PCOS tend to respond better to the traditional Metformin, as opposed to the Metformin Extended Release.  I checked my prescription, and sure enough, I am taking the XR.  I have a note in to the doctor to ask about switching to the traditional dosage, although I know that may also do a number on my digestive system.

How much worse can it get, right?

Oh, and then this happened:  For a week straight, I was getting almost positive ovulation tests… I’m using the Wondfos, in case you were wondering.  Finally, yesterday morning’s result was the first obvious positive I’ve seen in a couple of months.

I tested again in the evening to be sure, and that test also showed a nice, dark test line, darker than the control line.  Textbook perfect, exactly what one would want to see.  I’ve had some fertile CM as well, and took advantage of the weekend at home with the husband to make good use of it.

I’m really happy that I seem to be ovulating this month, and assume that I’m ovulating on the right, as my CD3 scan showed a cyst on the left, which I also assume came from ovulating on the left last month.

My question then, is this…

I ovulated on the left last cycle, presumably – ovulation sucked/didn’t occur at all, I grew a cyst.

I now assume that I’m ovulating on the right this cycle, which is going well.

Should I expect to ovulate on the left again next cycle…?

And if so, does that mean that my left ovary may be compromised because of the cyst?

AND, should I then bother using expensive meds next month and risk wasting a cycle on what may be a bum ovary, or should I perhaps wait one more month before jumping in with both feet and a good ovary?


Obviously I’m overthinking this, and no decision will be able to be made until I’m in the stirrups on my date with Dr. Dildocam on my next CD3, but of course I tend to speculate.  About everything.

…Ever notice that speculate and speculum come from the same root word?  Hmm…

Latin speculatus, past participle of speculari to spy out, examine, from specula lookout post, from specere to look, look at

…Errm.  Sorry.  I digress.

So anyway, that’s what’s up with me.

I’m sick, enjoying the weather despite the sickness, seem to be ovulating again, speculating about said ovulation and ovulations to come, and acting as an armchair etymologist in my copious free time.

Yeah.  Good times.  🙂



Friday Funnies

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It’s also a great place to find funny pictures of cats.

Since I don’t have a whole lot to blog about in the realm of infertility these days (at least not for a couple more weeks when I meet the new RE), I figured I’d share some random hilarity I’ve encountered on le interwebs of late.


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