On the Second Day of Menopur…

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012.  CD8.

…I think I injected a tiny air bubble into my belly, and now have a golf-ball-sized knot on my abdomen.


I did so well yesterday!

But today?

Today, I seem to have misplaced my big-girl panties.


I am also exhausted.  Is this a normal side-effect?  And the dizziness… Oy!  I’m dizzy even when I’m sitting!

Not.  Fun.

Just a few more days, though.  I can do this!

In other news, the husband and I found out today that we are getting another nephew in December, and friends of ours are expecting twins in the spring!  Hooray for babies!

…Hopefully someday someone will cheer for me like that, lol.

I told a friend today, if I get pregnant, I am not only throwing myself a freaking parade, I am also going to gold-plate that pee-stick and wear it around my neck like Flava Flav.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah boyyyyyyyyyyeeeee!

If any of you are stopping by from ICLW – welcome!

I don’t always complain so much, lol.

…Okay, sometimes I do.  😉

Let’s be honest though, this whole infertility thing can inspire some monumental reasons to bitch.  Let’s all do it together!  🙂

Happy Tuesday, friends!  May your bellies be filled with babies and not fertility medications!



Holy SHOT!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012.  CD7.

Today has completely exhausted me.

And it’s not even close to being over yet.  Ugh.

That’s alright though, because today is Menopur: Day One!

It almost killed me, but I managed to get my paws on my meds today.  I got everything home, put my Ovidrel in the fridge, and unpacked the Menopur kit.

Holy. Hell.

It was an intimidating little pile of torture devices, but I’ve had some experience with subcutaneous injections.

I am proud to say that I managed to mix the meds and inject myself, all without fainting or hyperventilating!

…This is one thing I wish I didn’t have to get used to.  Bleh.

Either way, tonight marks the end of my Femara consumption for the cycle, and the beginning of The Five Days of Menopur.

That should really be a Christmas carol…

On the first day of Menopur, my hormones brought to me

Abdominal bloating and some serious fatigue.

Festive, eh?

Anyway, this week should be interesting.  One Menopur shot per day, and an ultrasound on Friday to check out how my follies are responding.

We postponed the husband’s follow-up semen analysis due to insurance issues, but I’m not upset about it.  I think it might actually be better to wait a week or so, that way I can’t freak out and get all pessimistic about this cycle if his numbers don’t come back spectacular.

Once the insurance folks stop jerking me around, we will have this test done and at least have some more information in that arena.

In the meantime, it’s shots and sex for me!

Woo!  Just like college!

…Okay, maybe not just like college.



ICLW – Expose Yourself!


If you’re stopping by from ICLW, then welcome!  Check out my ICLW page for a little more background info, if you please.

If you don’t please, then by all means, let me tell you allllllllllll about myself in excruciating detail.


…Okay, kidding.

But just for fun, allow me to expose myself to you, the readers.  Here are ten random factoids about me:

  • In high school, I spent an entire weekend in the Detroit suburbs dressed as Marilyn Monroe as part of a student volunteer group event.  Yes–wig, heels, white dress, stuffed bra, and all.  I was also interviewed by the local news.  I am still praying that tapes of this disaster don’t surface one day…
  • I married “that guy” I made that “when we get to a certain age, we will just give up on dating and marry each other” pact with.  I’ve never regretted for a second being married to my best friend.
  • As a child, I wore giant, Coke-bottle eighties glasses.  I looked like Sophia from The Golden Girls from the time I was 18 months old until I turned fifteen.  To say that I survived an awkward stage would be an enormous understatement.
  • My first boyfriend was the pastor’s son.  What they say about pastor’s kids is totally true…
  • I have been in no less than four car accidents to the tune of the 90’s hit “One Headlight”, by the Wallflowers.  To this day, if I hear that song on the radio while driving, I pull the eff over.
  • I have a brother who’s two years younger than me.  And a sister who’s 17 years younger than me.  Not a half-sister, not a step-sister, but a sister-sister.  Oops, Mom and Dad.  You were almost home free, and now you’re sixty with a tween in the house.  Hah.
  • I am petrified of big bridges.  I have a recurring nightmare of driving off of one to my grisly demise.  *shudder*
  • I can turn anything into a sexual innuendo.  Even the word innuendo…
  • I play the Devil’s Advocate more than anyone I know.  I don’t even know I’m doing it!
  • Twins run in my family.  I married a guy who is a twin.  I hope this whole fertility medication thing doesn’t have Octo-mom-like results, because as much as I like kittens and puppies, I do not have the frame to support carrying and birthing a litter.

If you’re burned out while commenting from ICLW, then please, feel free to expose yourself too!  It will give you something interesting to share, me something enjoyable to read, and hopefully won’t leave you feeling like you’ve simply done your due diligence and moved on.

Plus, I like embarrassing stories.  They make me feel like my life is a little bit normal.  Kinda like watching the Maury Povich Show.

Happy ICLW!


I Need a Retail Therapist

June 23rd, 2011.  CD22, 9DPO.

Hello friends, and happy Thursday!  If you’ve found your way here from ICLW, then welcome!  Please feel free to take a look around, and for a little background info on my story so far, check out the ICLW tab above.

So, this week has been an interesting one.  Not really much new to report on the cycle front, but work has definitely been keeping me busy.  It’s stressful to be busy and short-staffed, but it’s even more of a burden to be responsible for training a new bridal consultant in the midst of the chaos.  Not that said new consultant is slow on the uptake or anything, but you get so used to doing your job without thinking that when you do have to provide a detailed play-by-play of your every action, including why you’re doing what you’re doing, it can get tiresome.

I’m pretty much exhausted and worthless every evening when I get home, and I’m back to working full-time (and then some) now that I’m the senior staff member in the house.  I just keep telling myself, “Six more weeks, Tracy.  You can do this.”  

I sure hope I’m right.

As for the whole TTC thing, I’m really not sure how that’s going.

Read More


You Really Like Me!

April 25th, 2011.  CD30, 5DPO.

That’s right, 5DPO.  If FertilityFriend doesn’t want to confirm my ovulation, then I will just go ahead and manually override the system to declare it myself.  So there.  Ovulation?  Check.

So, I guess that puts me officially in the TWW… This cycle is already crazy.  I’m usually preparing the house for a visit from Aunt Flo around CD30–Heating pad within reach, Midol and tampon supply stocked, chocolate stockpile replenished–but this month I’m anticipating another five days or so of waiting around for that to happen.  Strange…

Maybe my body knows that this time next month the husband and I will be traveling out of state for a wedding, and that I will have much more important things to concern myself with than how many miles are between the highway rest areas.

I guess I won’t complain.  For now, anyway.

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Happy ICLW!

This is my first month participating in ICLW (International Comment Leaving Week, or IComLeavWe if you’re nasty.), and so far it has been an eye-opening experience.

First of all, I literally had no idea that so many infertility blogs existed.  It makes me sad and angry and warm and fuzzy all at the same time.

And second, I am learning so much about the different paths available to women with fertility issues.  By the time my appointment with the RE rolls around in June, I should be the most educated patient they’ve ever had.

Doctors love that.  Right?

So, if you’re visiting me for the first time–Welcome!  And thank you for stopping by!  I hope you find something you like that brings you back again soon.

If this isn’t your first visit, then you know the drill:  TMI, snark, over-punctuation, and too many ellipses…

Happy Commenting!  🙂

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