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Cycle Number Three Thousand Four Hundred and Eleventy-Five – BUST!

Friday, July 5th, 2013.  CD1.

Hey, friends!

Guess what!?

My random Femara + leftover injectables cycle was a failure!

Are you surprised?

I’m not.  🙂

Well, I should tell you the whole truth of the situation…

On Tuesday, I felt like CRAP.  Like, I was pretty sure Aunt Flo was lurking around every corner, just waiting to jump out at me.  I knew it was a little early for her to show, but I was so convinced, that I didn’t take my progesterone that night.

On Wednesday morning, she still hadn’t shown.  I decided to pee on a stick before jumping in the shower, because as we all know, nothing makes your period arrive like taking a pregnancy test!  *insert eye-roll here*

When I got out of the shower, I grabbed the pee-stick and started to toss it in the trash, because I knew it would be negative.

Something caught my eye, though, and I held onto it for dear life.


It was faint, and I couldn’t tell if it had color or not, but IT WAS THERE.

I took another one.

Same result.

I attempted to remain calm, finished getting ready for work, and left the house with plans to buy a store-bought test on my way home.

Over my lunch hour, however, I started thinking about evaps – evaporation lines – that can occasionally plague the frequent pee-stick-tester with false hope.

Thankfully, Dr. Google is helpful in that he pointed me in the direction of Wondfo lot numbers that have been associated with bad batches of tests.

My batch was one of them.

Not to be deterred, however – because I COULD be the exception to the rule, you know! – I continued to test throughout the evening on Wednesday, and every pee I took on Independence Day was into a cup.

All of my tests were negative, with the occasional evap.

I even tested this morning, to be safe, and of course got the same negative result I expected.

Aunt Flo showed up promptly an hour later.

So, yeah.

That happened.

Let this be a lesson to you all…

Early testing is your choice, but you should know the risks.  Evaps are a very real problem, and while not everyone experiences them, they do happen more often than you’d think.

The only real way to avoid evaps or false results on an HPT is abstinence from pee-stickery.  If you think you might be pregnant, wait until your test date to find out, or know that you run a very real risk of a false positive, false negative, or general heartbreak at whatever results are held therein.

Please learn from my cautionary tale!

(And if you’re a hardcore pee-sticker like me, just know that nothing shows you how much hope you’ve been shoving deep down inside like the prospect of a BFP…)



Happy Friday, my friends.

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