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Giving Up

No, no, no…

I’m not giving up on having a baby.

No.  Not that.

I’m talking about giving up dietary choices that may be holding me back…

For one, I am completely caffeine-free.  You may not think that’s a big deal, but it’s been rough.  The last time I “gave up” caffeine, I basically allowed myself one caffeinated beverage first thing in the morning, and then none for the rest of the day.  When I was at my highest caffeine consumption, I was drinking probably six to eight caffeinated beverages per day.

And this is the worst part:  I don’t drink coffee, so almost all of my caffeine came from pop.

Which is why it’s also a big deal that I’ve almost entirely eliminated sugar from my diet.  I still drink a small glass of organic, no sugar added, fruit-and-vegetable juice blend in the morning, and I sometimes add a tiny bit of honey to my green tea.  I also eat fruit, sometimes with yogurt sweetened with honey.

Other than that, I’m not consuming any processed sugar or sugar from anything but natural sources.

These choices are a big deal to me, and it can sometimes be challenging to find things that I want to eat, because so many foods have processed components.  I have slip-ups from time to time, but I know that doing these things can help me get my body healthier, and maybe give me a better chance at conceiving.

Another choice I’ve been debating is whether to eliminate dairy from my diet.  I’ve read some pretty terrible things about the process involved in pasteurizing milk products, and also about the over-consumption of cow’s milk products in the US compared to the rest of the world.

Americans have weak bones not because they drink too little milk but because they drink too much, Campbell says. Animal protein, such as the protein in milk, makes blood and tissues more acidic, and to neutralize this acid, the body pulls calcium, which is a very effective base, from the bones. Because dairy products contain substantial amounts of animal protein, drinking milk actually robs the bones of calcium, he says.

– LA Times on The China Study

I’m not one of those people who diets.  Hell, I don’t even work out.  I’ve always been thin, to the point of having people take me aside to talk to me about anorexia (which is hilarious if you have seen me eat).

I do not have any urge to be a vegetarian.  I don’t even want to think about a vegan lifestyle.  Gluten is my BFF.  I want to eat bacon ALL THE TIME.

I don’t always make the healthiest choices when it comes to my diet, but I think I do pretty well in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  I add spinach to everything.  I substitute quinoa for rice in as many recipes as I can.  I rarely eat bread.

I’m starting to wonder, though, if some of the foods that we grow up assuming are healthy for us, are actually a detriment to our health – or our fertility.  I’ve read some horror stories about antibiotics and steroids in milk products, and the effects those can have on our hormones.

I definitely have some kind of hormonal imbalance going on… Is my diet partly to blame?

I don’t know, honestly.

What I do know is that I love to eat, and I’m finding myself thinking more and more about what I put into my body.

I love to eat, and I can make careful choices that feed my body nutrients instead of empty calories.

I love to eat, and I can choose delicious meal options that are natural and healthy.

I love to eat, and I crave chocolate and cheese and fresh baked bread, but I love the thought of having a baby more than I love those things.

I don’t know if sacrificing my dietary fixes will get me pregnant, but it can’t hurt to try.

If the worst side-effects of giving up cheese are occasional crankiness and a longer life, well then it seems like a worthwhile venture to me.

Adios, dairy.  It’s been real.

Slow down, Ryan. I’m not there quite yet.

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