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Monday, April 15th, 2013.  CD3.

It’s been an interesting couple of days around here…

On Saturday morning, I woke up with my alarm.  I got up to get myself ready to head out to the homeland to visit my BFF and her new baby, but by the time I made it the ten feet to the bathroom, I was doubled over.

I spent Saturday in a relay between my bed, the couch, and the bathroom floor.  Activities included cramping, bleeding, puking, and trying to keep my intestines inside my body.  It was pretty much the worst start to a cycle I’ve had in recent memory, and I attribute much of it to the Metformin for magnifying my already brutal Cycle Day One side-effects.

I was so disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see my friend, but I was also a little relieved that Aunt Flo had showed up, and that I could now move forward with this medicated cycle.  New doctor, new drugs, new outlook.

There was even a little back-of-the-gas-station drug deal that went on yesterday, as my friend delivered the Gonal F (and a TON of other fun stuff!) to me in a half-way point for the both of us.  As of 7pm yesterday, I was ready to get started…

Bring it on!

And so, I drove up to Ann Arbor this morning for my CD3 baseline scan.

I was told that my right ovary looks great!  He (Dr. Something I Can’t Remember, But Who Is Very Tall) said there were lots of follicles that should respond well to the Gonal F.

The rest of the conversation during the scan went a little like this:

…Let’s just take a look at Lefty here… Oh.  Oh no.

Umm… what?

Well, let me just look at this from another angle…


Yes.  Just as I feared.  You have a very large residual cyst. 

UGH.  Seriously?

Yes.  When was your last ultrasound?

I don’t know… less than a month ago when I had my hysteroscopy?  And they didn’t see a cyst then!

Okay, well then this cyst is from this month.  Do you know if you ovulated?

If I did, I never got a positive test, and my temps barely came up, so I figured maybe I hadn’t.

Well that makes sense.  This cyst is probably from a failed ovulation that geared up and never followed through.

Well, that’s just lovely.  So what now?

Well, we recommend that you wait another month before starting any kind of medicated cycle.  Call us on your next Cycle Day One and we’ll set up another scan.  As long as this bad boy is gone by then, we should have no problem moving forward with a medicated cycle in May.


…I guess so, yes.  I’ll call in you in a month then.  Thank you.

And then I calmly put on my pants, checked out with the receptionist, made friendly conversation with the billing clerk, walked to my car, shut the door, put my purse down on the passenger seat, and said a very bad word in a very loud voice.

Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed that I won’t be able to move forward with this cycle.  I was so ready to start cycling again!

I will admit, too, that I had some high hopes for this cycle.  I feel like so many stars aligned this month, and I know I’d placed this month on some kind of pedestal.  I would have probably been monumentally disappointed had this cycle not worked, so maybe it’s better that I’m knocked down a peg before we even got started.

On the plus side of things, another month off means another month of acupuncture, vitamins, and Metformin doing their thing to get me turned into a lean, mean, egg-making machine.

At least that’s what I’m going with today.

Tomorrow may be a different story.  NAIW may be a different story… as will GB’s due date that falls during that week.

Let’s just hope I can start the next cycle before Mother’s Day, or I may just start saying very bad words in very loud voices in very inappropriate places.

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