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It Only Takes One…

July 21, 2011.  CD13.

Well, I’m home from my CD13 ultrasound.  The transvaginal ultrasound experience is just as slimy and violating as I remember.   Almost as disturbing as the word “transvaginal”.  Ew.

I did remember to mention to the ultrasound tech that last time I was there, it was CD15 for me, and they thought I had already ovulated on the left, despite my tendency to ovulate around CD23 during a natural cycle.  I told her about how my temps had stayed fairly low, and that from the temp spike on CD28, I suspected that I had maybe ovulated later than it had originally appeared.

She took a look at my bloodwork that had been drawn that day, and said it looked to her like I hadn’t ovulated after all, so I was probably right about having ovulated around CD28.  I asked her if it would make a difference in how the Femara worked for me this cycle, and she said that it would probably mean my ovulating a bit later than the average Femara patient, but surely not as late as CD28.

Good to hear, thank you.  Oh, right.  Yes, I will lie back so you can shove that slimy wand into my hoo-ha.

So the good news is this: I have a nicely developing follicle on my right side.  15.5mm, which Miss USTech said looks pretty good for my first Femara cycle.  There are a couple of other smaller-ish ones that she said could have good potential too, but she liked #15 the best.

Only one good-looking follie.  Oh well, I will do my best to nurture and spoil that one little follie in hopes that he becomes my baby someday.  We shall call him Ollie the Follie, and he shall be my baybeh!

I guess It’s not ideal, but hey–it only takes one!

They want me back there on Saturday morning to see how things are progressing.  The husband even offered to come along with me to the appointment, although I think if they start talking about the Ovidrel injection he will probably exit to the safety of the lobby.

The odd/not-so-good/unsettling news goes as follows: That weirdness about possibly having ovulated on my left on CD13 last cycle came up again when the tech took a look at my left ovary.  She said it looked the same to her, like maybe remnants of a cyst from a previous cycle.  I asked if I should be worried, and she said no, but to be sure she was going to make sure Dr. Fran took a look at the scans too.  We will keep an eye on it the next few cycles, she says, nothing to worry about, I’m sure.

Hmm.  Okay then.

In other news, I bought a shiny new 20-day OPK on my way home from work last night (with a very full bladder, might I add), and when I tried to use it, the stupid electronic thingy you put the test strips into wouldn’t work!

So there I was, dancing around the bathroom trying not to pee myself, ripping open test strip after test strip, trying to get this thing to work.  There was no little blinking icon indicating that the thing had any intention of telling me whether my LH was surging or not, so I gave up and chucked the thing across the room.

And then I peed, of course.  It was glorious.

After my little tantrum, I boxed up the unused test strips and the broken-ass OPK and put it back in the bag with the receipt.  I returned it today, and got another one, which I checked in the store with the poor salesclerk watching me.  It worked.  Good to go.

Oh, and I also kept the test strips I opened yesterday and conveniently did not return them with the broken OPK.  Oops.  So now I have a shiny new 25-day OPK on my bathroom counter.

It really is the small victories in life, isn’t it?


A Song For My Baby

As I leave for my CD13 ultrasound to see how my follicles are responding to the Femara, I wanted to share a song I heard this morning.

Well, really two songs, both of which I have heard before and both of which I have loved for some time… But this lovely group smooshed them together and made my little heart melt.

This is the kind of thing I can imagine myself humming to my baby someday, shushing him or her to sleep, or just bopping around the house trying to get a little baby giggle out of my wee one.

Maybe it’s good luck that I heard this today.  Maybe it’s just that little bit of hope I needed.

Either way, I’m off.  Wish me luck and fat follies!

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