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What a Scream…

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012.  CD1.

While the events of last night were hilariously timed, today’s have been far less amusing.

I stayed home from work today with the usual-but-markedly-worse-than-usual Cycle Day One horrors – cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and awful fatigue – and am now attempting to work a bit from bed.

I also called Dr. K this morning to let him know that Aunt Flo was in the house, and the nurse called me back a couple of hours later to let me know the verdict.

I can start meds NOW!  WOO!

So here’s the treatment plan:

Dr. K is doubling my Femara, which I will take for five days, followed by six days of Menopur, and then an ultrasound on the 12th to check on the follicle growth.  They expect me to trigger on the 14th or so…

Sounds great!

Only one problem… I’m leaving for Atlanta, sans husband, on the 14th.

Not gonna work.

UGH.  SOOOOOOO close, and yet so far away.

Sounds like it’ll be December after all before we can attempt another medicated cycle.

Boo.  Aunt Flo’s a whore.

Happy Halloween, indeed.  😦





Yeah. Pretty Much…


Guess who just got here?



Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh…

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Door Number Four

Monday, May 21st, 2012.  CD1.

Well, it’s been a whirlwind twenty-four hours.

This time yesterday I was staring at a home pregnancy test with a very visible second line.

Oh, and freaking out.  I freaked out.  More than a little.

Fast forward a few hours and a few more pregnancy tests (all of which were negative), and the telltale spotting began.

By this morning, I was fully aware (read: no longer in denial and losing a great deal of blood) that my third IUI cycle was done.

I called the doc on the way to my beta this morning to let them know I’d be needing my Cycle Day 1 blood work and ultrasound.

I decided to be gentle with myself for a change, and stayed home from work today.  Right now, I’m in bed and catching up on some DVRed programming I’ve been too busy to watch.

(Off topic:  Does every show on TV right now have an infertility/miscarriage/adoption story line going on?  Oy!  First Grey’s Anatomy, then Private Practice, and now Sister Wives?  I may not have chosen the best shows to watch for this particular day in my life.  Ugh.  Rant over.)

And so, with that unceremonious end and a negative beta, we trudge on to IUI cycle four.  This will be the last cycle in the AMIGOS unexplained infertility study, which also means that it’s my last fully-funded IUI cycle.

In an effort to make this one count, the docs agreed to increase my meds.  They are hoping that increasing the follicular count will help me have better odds of fertilization and implantation.

Very science-y, docs.

I don’t care what we have to do…  Just gimme mah baby.

Now you go get to work on that.  I’m gonna lay here and try not to die.

This makes me extra-proud of the bits of Danish blood I have in me. The pastries don’t hurt either.


Misery Loves Company. And Midol.

August 31st, 2011.  CD1.

Had my beta this morning at 8:25am.  By 9am, my uterus was all like “Hey, why does the arm get all the attention?  Maybe if I bleed too, I can get some love!”

Wrong answer, uterus.  I hate you.  Now my arm and my pelvis ache, and I have a pimple on my forehead that has grown so large that I’m pretty sure it’s about to get its own period.


To add to the list of things that suck about this day, I found out that a friend from high school who is 33 weeks along with twins just lost one of her babies, and is being very carefully monitored to make sure the other twin stays healthy.  Another friend is also having a hysterectomy tomorrow in response to a recent uterine cancer diagnosis, wrecking her chances for ever having kids.  I feel just awful complaining about Aunt Flo with things like this going on in my extended social circle…

Screw you, August.  Bring on September.

There’s gotta be better to be had than what we’ve got…

By the way, does anyone know how I can go about getting Midol to sponsor my blog?  Seriously, I’m tired of advertising for them free of charge.  Of course, if they did give me money, I’d probably turn around and spend it on fertility treatments… So from a business perspective, their investment would probably run itself into the ground.

…Maybe I can market myself to the heating pad companies…  Or whoever made these divine stretchy pants.  I heart stretchy pants.

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