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I Can’t Stop Laughing…

First, I’d like to apologize.  I’m so very sorry for this.  It came up in a Google search for “flow charts”, and I can’t help but think it so very appropriate.


You’re welcome.

Happy Friday, folks!


Summer Peep-Toe Revirginization Syndrome

It’s finally summer here in Northwest Ohio, and with the warmer weather comes subtle changes in our wardrobes.

I say subtle because you can’t just throw on a sundress and some flippy-floppies any given day of the week, because if you do, it will snow that day.


So you prepare yourself for the sudden, spastic, bipolar changes in the weather by dressing in layers from head to almost-toe.

Be gone, knee-high socks!  It’s summatime!

Yesterday I wore a tank top, t-shirt, cardigan, long pants, and these super cute, bargain basement peep-toe sandals I’ve had for two years.  Since I bought them, they’ve been the signal that summer is officially in the house, and it’s time to start shaving my legs and getting pedicures on the regular again.

Well, I half-assed the shaving and at least smoothed out the up-to-the-knee part of the leg, and I painted my own toenails a glittery blue-green on a rainy day over the long weekend.  I left the house yesterday ready to fully embrace the warm weather outside from head to polished toe.

By the time I left work though, I could tell that my winter-toes were not too happy with me for all the prancing around I apparently did in the nine hours I was out of the house.  I kicked my beloved peep-toes off when I walked in the door, and saw that I had giant, pulsating twin blisters on one toe from each foot.


And OWW!

Apparently my toes grew soft and lazy over the cold winter, becoming too complacent in their wool socks and knee-high boots.  They forgot what brutality typically awaits them in the summertime.

Gone were the memories of running barefoot into the gravelly street to chase an idiot dog chasing an idiot squirrel.

Stubbing a bare toe on a lounge chair, or burning the whole sole of the foot on molten beach sand became misty reflections of a time long past.

So easy to forget the times of want during a time of plenty, no?



The moral of the story (and yes, I know that this story has nothing to do with my uterus – GASP!) is that perhaps we who live in the Great White North should take caution when jumping into warm-weather footwear with both spoiled feet…

Alternate lesson:  Buy expensive shoes.  The more you spend, the lower the odds of betrayal by toe-blister.

It’s science.



Easter Wishes



Friday Funnies :: Another Ryan Meme

I love everything about this.


Friday Funnies :: Oh Ryan…

You’re sweet.  Let’s run away together.  🙂


Friday Funnies :: Grammar Edition

I’ll be honest:  I am a little bit of a word nerd.

(People who know me in real life may think that “a little” is a bit of an understatement…)

I just appreciate basic grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure!

No one is perfect; I know I’m not.

(But did you just see how well I executed the use of that semi-colon?)

Seriously, though.  I judge you when you have poor grammar.

Sorry.  🙂

Enjoy this collection of judgy pins!

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Friday Funnies :: Harry Potter Edition

I am a nerd.  I admit it.

I am also a giant Harry Potter fan.

Liiiiike… I’ve seen every movie so many times I can quote them.

Accent and all.

Sometimes I answer questions with Harry Potter quotes.  It’s a serious problem.

I’ve also read and reread the books, and love to point out to the husband (a movie-only Potter fan) the differences in the stories.

He rolls his eyes, but I’m sure he acknowledges my superiority deep down inside.

And so, without further ado, here are some of the silly, poignant, and downright awesome little Potter tidbits I’ve gleaned from the interwebs.

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Friday Funnies

The internet is a wealth of information, as well as a place to meet groups of others who share your passions and interests, hopes and dreams.

It’s also a great place to find funny pictures of cats.

Since I don’t have a whole lot to blog about in the realm of infertility these days (at least not for a couple more weeks when I meet the new RE), I figured I’d share some random hilarity I’ve encountered on le interwebs of late.


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