Soliciting Laparoscopy Info…

Hey friends!

My laparoscopy is a month from tomorrow, and my pre-op appointment with Dr. F, who will be performing the surgery, is on Thursday.

I don’t know what to expect from this appointment, honestly. 

I also don’t know what questions I should ask…

So I’m throwing it out to youse guys!


What should someone scheduled for a laparoscopy expect from a pre-op appointment?

What kind of questions should the patient ask the doctor?

Do you have any pre- or post-surgical tips you’d like to share?

Please comment below!  🙂

11 comments on “Soliciting Laparoscopy Info…

  1. Amanda
    July 22, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

    My pre-op was actually on the day of surgery and took like 8 seconds… smoke? weight? allergies? done. But I’d just ask about anything you’ve been worried about.

    As far as post-op, I think it all depends on what they find and how you react to anasthesia. They found nothing in me and I didn’t have really adverse reactions, so I was literally up and moving the next morning. But I wouldn’t expect that… let it be a pleasant surprise. My biggest complaint was actually the shoulder pain from the gas… my only advice is to stay horizontal until it passes… even in the car, if you have a long drive, lay the seat back! Wishing you luck! I know it’s SUPER scary!


  2. LJ
    July 22, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    I think he’ll just go over a basic overview of the process. Exactly what is done, a few small incisions will be made and small instruments will be inserted through the openings. Depending on the procedure, time it will take to heal, pain management. I had one for my endometriosis. Took a full two weeks to get back on my feet normally. Pain wasn’t really an issue and I’m not good with pain so that was a pleasant surprise. I was just very, very exhausted..that was surprising to me. Felt tired all the time and couldn’t stand for long, it took a full two weeks to get over that. Mild discomfort but I never had to take any pain meds. I would definitely go over healing time but it’s different for everyone. Good luck!


  3. For Love and Travel
    July 22, 2013 at 2:19 pm #

    I recently had my surgery back in May. My doctor found a mild case of Endo which he removed while in there. Preventing to have another surgery. I got several pamphlets ahead of time of time to read and a lot more about the recovery time the morning of. Some of the questions I did ask were: If you find something what will you do while inside? What will my stitches look like? What is my recovery time? What I wish I would have known: is that the pain meds I kept taking to help me sleep comfortably would make me feel so sick. Here’s why: I was so hungry after surgery and I was eating like I had been fasting for days. Well I was getting constipated because of the pain meds. They do that to you and I didn’t read that on any of the pamphlets I read. Just a heads up, take stool softeners the day you come home. That’s just something I wish I knew ahead of time. For me: finding something was a better feeling then finding nothing. Best of luck to you.

    I also did a post of my Lap Surgery if you wish to read. It’s what I went through. Hope it helps.


  4. Erin
    July 22, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    I don’t have personal experience here but my best friend does. She was doing really well just a few days after the surgery and her number one complaint was the shoulder pain from the gas, as one of your commenters already mentioned. I hear this is a common issue. She also needed a stool softener. Maybe ask about your appendix — she went in for endo surgery but they removed her appendix while they were at it because it had some nasties growing on it. I know you’ll already have this covered, but you’ll want to ask about what course of action the doctor recommends after the surgery — like what meds they recommend. My friend started metformin afterward.
    So glad you set a date!! I have a feeling this is going to be really helpful for you.


  5. Kitten
    July 22, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    My pre-op was medical history, medications list, allergies, overview of the procedure, pain management, and incision care. The big things you’ll want to make sure to talk about are past problems with anesthesia (difficult waking from it, or nausea afterwards), and which medications you can and cannot take leading up to the surgery. In most cases, they want you to stop taking pretty much everything, including vitamins and supplements, for 1-2 weeks before your surgery. If you’re active or normally do a lot of lifting (children or boxes), ask when you can resume normal activities. One of my important questions was “how soon can I shower?” LOL

    I recommend bringing something to read while you wait for your surgery. I didn’t have to wait too long, but it was nice to have a distraction.

    Make sure you have clean, loose, soft pants to wear in the days following. I wore jeans out to dinner 5 days after my lap, and my incisions were not happy about that. Neither was the rest of my tired, sore body. Take it easy. Move around as much as you can, but don’t overdo it.


  6. Tyger
    July 23, 2013 at 10:29 am #

    Hey, haven’t commented in a long time, still lurking though :). I have not had a lap, but a very good friend of mine has had two, she told me the worst is the shoulder pain from the gas they use and fatigue. Also the first one she had her eyes were very very bloodshot after and they told her that it is not uncommon, but doesn’t happen to everyone.


  7. Sara
    July 24, 2013 at 1:02 am #

    I’m wondering why you are not just moving onto IVF? Even if you get information from this procedure, you are still prolonging the process to IVF and valuable time. Clock is ticking… Why are you waiting?


    • Tracy
      July 24, 2013 at 9:06 am #

      Hi Sara! Honestly, we probably would have attempted IVF earlier this year, or toward the end of last year if it wasn’t for the cost. That’s our major hurdle, and insurance won’t touch any part of IVF for us at this time.

      Secondly, most doctors and clinics in our area prefer that you’ve had a lap prior to beginning IVF, including the doctor I see now. Especially in a situation like mine, where we’ve tried just about everything else, the lap is the last major diagnostic test before being cleared for IVF prep, which is our next step.

      One thing that makes me think that the lap is the right choice for us is that I’ve had many symptoms of endometriosis for years, and if they are able to find and remove endo, it may help improve egg quality for me, which I think is the main reason that I’m not getting pregnant. After the lap, the egg quality might be improved the point where IVF will be successful, or we might even be able to get pregnant on our own.

      If it weren’t for cost, we might have tried IVF by now, but because we will be paying out of pocket, the risk of endo and bad eggs is not one I’m willing to take just yet. 🙂


  8. Heather
    July 24, 2013 at 10:36 am #

    Good luck for your lap! I had one too. I agree – two weeks for recovery, but the worst is over in a few days. Yes – gassy.
    I had stage 2 endo plus a fibroid.
    3 months later I conceived, right before IVF! Laps make you super fertile, so make hay while the sun shines. 🙂
    Just make sure doc knows all about your symptoms – I had bowl pain as well, turns out the endo was there as well. eeeu.


    • Tracy
      July 24, 2013 at 11:07 am #

      I sure hope the lap makes me super fertile! I’ll be makin’ hay like rabbits!! 😉

      Thanks for the reminder about my symptoms – I want to be sure to let her know what I’ve experienced over the years so she can be as thorough as possible!


  9. notwhenbutif
    July 25, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    Late to the party, but just wanted to echo what most everyone else has said. Should pain sucks, you’ll definitely feel unusually fatigued, and be aware of the nasty (constipationy) side effects pain meds often cause!

    “Luckily” I had had an unrelated knee surgery a few years before my lap so I knew exactly what to expect as far as the whole getting knocked out for surgery thing. I learned during the knee surgery that Vicodin does nasty, nasty things to me so I managed my post-lap pain with just a few tylenol here and there. I preferred a little pain to blacking out from the Vicodin!

    By now you’ve had your pre-op, but they are typically pretty underwhelming. Medical history, anesthesia history, current meds, etc. Post op is much the same, with the addition of them likely removing your stitches. One question I wish I had asked at my pre-op is how and when we would find out the results of my lap. The answer was at a snails pace and we’ll only tell you the tip of the iceberg. The doc gave my husband an “All is well, she definitely has endo” on the day of surgery, and then we were left in the dark for about 10 days until our post-op. Even then he didn’t say much except for, “I got it all.” It took 18 months, a interstate move, and a transfer to a new RE for me to finally see my entire surgical report in person, and what I read there was pretty damn discouraging. Wish I had known back then what was put in writing on the day of my surgery.

    I also agree wholeheartedly with doing a lap before IVF. For me, my endo has caused and continues to cause anatomical issues that I’m sure would be complicating factors were we to do IVF before removing all active adhesions. I, personally, would not consider IVF without having a lap first. Both the toxicity of an endo-riddled reproductive system, and my anatomical issues make it a gamble not worth taking. Especially since I, like you, am entirely out of pocket for IVF.

    An old forum friend has a helpful lap tips and tricks blog post that’s worth reviewing –>

    I get to have lap round 2 next month (assuming this IUI didn’t work). Yay?


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