Day: January 7, 2013


Monday, January 7th, 2013.  CD17, 3DPO

Howdy, friends!

I figured I should probably throw an update out to the masses, since I’ve been a lazy blogger the past week.

There’s not a whole lot to report, but I did get my FertilityFriend chart crosshairs today.  According to FF, it looks like I ovulated on Friday at some point and am now 3DPO.  I’m a little miffed at my alleged ovulation date, as I have almost always ovulated within 24 hours of triggering.  This cycle, I was still having lots of lovely EWCM even late in the afternoon on Friday!

It wouldn’t be a big deal if the husband and I had better timed out our “encounters”, however our success on Wednesday and Thursday lulled us into a false sense of security, and by Friday night we were both completely exhausted and it just didn’t happen.

Hopefully Thursday’s swimmers decided to hang out and catch a late train…. sheesh.

Aside from that, I’ve had some crappy side-effects from the meds increase this month, not the least of which is what the doc thinks is a mild case of OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome).  It definitely was a mild case, if that’s even what it was, but it was really, REALLY uncomfortable for a while.  I was told to weigh myself ever few hours and stay off my feet, which I did most of the weekend, all while drinking an ungodly amount of sports drinks with electrolytes.

I feel better today, but am now having some digestive issues that are making it difficult to keep a smile on my face.  At only 3DPO, I can’t really attribute this to anything related to my uterus, but part of me is hoping that some hormonal shift is taking place, and taking its toll on my tummy.

Despite everything that seems to have gone wrong this cycle, I do feel quite a bit more positive this month than last.  Sometimes I can’t quite fathom how I have managed to stay positive at all for this long…

For the next week or so, I’ll just keep plugging along.  I have lots of things to keep me busy at home and work, and I am temping and testing out the trigger (like a naughty girl!), so that gives me some feeling of control.  The holidays are over, and I am starting to feel sane again.

I will likely revert to Radio Silence late next week as usual, but I’ll keep you all as updated as I can until then!  🙂

Have a fantastic week, friends!


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