Day: November 28, 2012

That. Just. HAPPENED.

Some of you may know that I am a little bit of a crazy astrology-follower…

This is today’s astrological forecast on the site I follow –

 Wednesday, November 28

High energy. Green lights. A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, exact at 8:46 AM, puts an emotional charge into our lives this morning.

This is a time of harvesting, concluding, deciding and finishing matters. Helpful is Venus aligned in harmony, a sextile, with powerful Pluto, exact at 10:01 AM. This pair of planets quietly open the door to understanding and agreement on Wednesday—reach out.

This is an excellent day for important meetings and appointments. The topper is the Moon meeting lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 7:04 PM.

Luna turns Void of Course a minute later but it won’t matter as astrological skies remain friendly for the rest of the evening hours.


I commented with this:

 Today is the day we finalize the paperwork on our new house, and the day I start a brand new round of fertility treatments hoping for the child we’ve been trying for nearly four years to conceive. I hope this alignment and Full Moon are going to be helpful in these endeavors!


And this is the astrologer’s response:

 The signs are all favorable, Tracy, and both of us wish you the best. The Full Moon in Gemini suggests twins! You’d better come up with two names…


GAH!  I hope he’s right, but WHOA, lol.


Luna and Leo? 😉




New Protocol Update

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012.  CD2.

I spoke with the nurse at Dr. K’s office this morning, and the new protocol has been decided.  I will just double my dosage of Femara, taken CD3 – CD7, and then continue the same dosage of Menopur CD7 – CD11.  I will have a monitoring ultrasound on CD11 and then see where that takes us…

The hope is that the tweaked protocol this month will yield a BFP like the last cycle, but with follicles that mature more quickly than last time.  The doc said that the only thing he didn’t like about my BFP cycle was the fact that it took so long for my follicles to ripen.  I didn’t trigger until CD17, and I didn’t ovulate until CD18, which was three to four days longer than Dr. K would have liked, considering the medications I was on.

I also asked about CD3 blood work monitoring, and should be getting a call back later today about it.

Let’s hope this month, and this tiny tweak, is just what my body needs to get going on a successful, healthy pregnancy that gives me that Take Home Baby I so desperately want…


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