Day: October 30, 2012


Oh hey, remember that one time when I was going to pick up meds to jumpstart my cycle so we could get back to trying to knock me up?

Well that was today, and I picked up those meds tonight.  I rushed home to take them, too.

I was more than a little surprised to find Aunt Flo waiting for me when I got there…

Really?  Really?! 


So now I wait.  I’m not sure what this means… Will I start Femara in a couple days, or do I need to wait another month?

  Only time will tell, and I’ll call the doc on the morning.

In the meantime… Wow.  Periods suck. 

Like, a lot.  I think I’d sort of forgotten… Thankfully, I was able to scrounge up some Midol!

Now to attempt sleep… Wish me luck. 



Uhh… Okay!

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012.  38DPMc.

So yesterday I called into Dr. K’s office and spoke with Nurse Grumpypants, who I am learning is not actually grumpy, just in a hurry.  She’s actually very nice, and when I can speak with her longer than a minute, very helpful as well.

I called to ask when would be the appropriate time to ask for help in getting my next cycle started.  It’s been well over a month since the miscarriage, and I’d been bleeding and spotting for close to a week before that even took place.  All in all, it’s been probably 45 days, give or take, since the start of my last bleed.

The nurse said that was plenty of time to have waited, and she would get a prescription for Provera called in for me.

“But wait… have you taken a pregnancy test?”

Uhh.  Noo… But I also didn’t think I’d ovulated since the miscarriage either, so I haven’t felt the need to do so.

I told her that, and she asked me to take an HPT and call her back to let her know the results.


Do you wanna know what the test said?


LOL… Sorry.  I find inappropriate things to be funny, and I guess joking about being pregnant is as pregnant as it gets for me these days.

So anyway, the nurse called in a prescription for Provera for me this morning.  I’ll start taking it tonight for ten days, and when I stop, Aunt Flo should come a-callin’.

The nurse said for me to call when I start bleeding, and I was confused.

So I’m like “Do you mean when I start bleeding in ten-ish days, or when I start bleeding in a month and ten-ish days?”

She says, “No sweetie, when you start bleeding in ten-ish days, you will need to call us so we can start ordering your meds for the medicated cycle.”

Uhh… Sorry, what?  “I’m confused.  (obviously I thought I had to have a full bleed and complete cycle before I could start meds again?”

“Well usually, yes, but since you’re taking the Provera, we consider that a cycle reset.  You can start meds in mid-November or as soon as you start bleeding.”

And then I’m all like “WOO HOO!”

Nurse Grumpypants actually laughed.

I’m kind of excited.  And nervous.  And straight-up worried about the timing of things, considering I’m going to Atlanta for four days in mid-November.

But this is a start.  A reset.

Something to look forward too, rather than sitting here stagnant, wondering when I might feel normal again.

Bring it on.  🙂

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