Day: August 27, 2012

Scary Day

Monday, August 27th, 2012.  5weeks, 4days.

I’ve had some concerns in the past 24 hours – some slight cramping and discomfort, which I know can be perfectly normal, and then last night as I went to bed, the real issue started.

My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest as soon as I laid down.  It kept up its pace throughout the night, and into the morning.  I called Dr. K’s office this morning to let them know, and they asked for me to come in to be checked out.

My blood pressure was alright, but my heart rate was something like 115bpm, which had Dr. K concerned.  He ordered an ultrasound, early though it is, to be sure I didn’t have some mild ovarian hyperstimulation.

The ultrasound showed no fluid around my uterus or ovaries, and no cysts or evidence of an ectopic pregnancy.  It’s a few days too early to see much, but the doctor thought he could see just a blip of something that looked like a gestational sac right up at the top of my uterus.  Right where it should be, he said.

I was also sent for a boatload of blood work to ensure that I wasn’t showing signs of an infection or overactive thyroid, and those all came back fine.  They think maybe I’m just dehydrated, but I’m to call back tomorrow to report on how I feel and my heart rate numbers so they can be sure nothing is wrong.

Oh, and while the lovely lab ladies were taking gallons of blood, they also did a third beta, just to check things out:  920.

Twelve days ago it was 17.  Ten days ago it was 39:  Doubling time just over 40 hours.

Today it was 920, which slows my doubling time to just over 52 hours.

Now I know that most doctors like to see doubling times between 48 and 72 hours, but the nurse practitioner who called me with the results sounded like that wasn’t great.  I guess their office is pretty strict on the 48 hours thing…

And so, I am going back to repeat the beta again on Wednesday.

I’m now feeling even less reassured than I was before, and on top of that, all heart-poundy and light-headed too.


Only nine more days till the ultrasound that (God willing) shows me the heartbeat that will finally let me breathe.

Nine more days.

I can do this.

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