Day: August 21, 2012

Foreign Invasion

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012.  4weeks, 4days.

First of all, thank you.

Thanks to every single one of you who congratulated me, or cried happy tears on my behalf, or said a prayer, or jumped up and down in excitement.  I appreciate it all more than you know.

Secondly, to my friends who are still trying… I love you.  I know where you are right now, and I know the feeling of being happy for a fellow IF-er to leave the fold, but still feeling sad for being left behind.

I was left behind so many times.

Just because I’m here now, does not guarantee me a Take Home Baby, and one thing I want to make perfectly clear is this:

Once you are a member of this Harem of Infertiles, you are in for Life.

We don’t turn our backs on our own just because our girl-parts start miraculously working, and we don’t stop having feelings of loneliness when others don’t understand what we’ve been through.  We still need each other, and those of us who have managed to conceive are not in any way above those who are still struggling.

There.  That’s out.  🙂

Now to get back to what everyone is used to, let’s talk about my junk.

I’m pregnant.

Sometimes I just need to say it to believe it.  Kind of like right after you get married and you introduce everyone to your husband, and you sort of giggle a little because it’s all so new and a bit unbelievable.

It’s early, and we have told a few people.  The family, and some people close to us, and of course my friends, the readers of this blog.  My coworkers also know, mostly because they were here when I got the call, and it’s not like you can hide that kind of news from people you spend more time with than your own spouse.

Everyone is happy.  I know that there are a few who are nervous for us, mostly because this is so new and it’s so early and so many things can happen.

I know.  I’m there too.

Alternately, I’m also giddy that this happened, terrified about the future, and just plain overwhelmed with the whole thing.

The thing where I have a freaking person growing inside of me.

Right.  That.

I just want to see this little critter.  I want it to have a heartbeat, and I want to see it and hear it and know that at least for now, things are okay.

I have to wait until September 5th for that particular experience, however.

I did manage to wrangle an appointment with my OB for a week from today, but that will mainly be blood work and peeing in cups and the usual.  No dildocam, sadly.

People have been asking how I’m feeling…


I get it.  They expect me to be all vomitty and fat.

Well, I’m not.


As far as early pregnancy symptoms, I really didn’t have ANY before the second beta came back.

All I have going on now is occasional frequent urination, a lovely bit of loosening bowels (ew), gigantic, pulsating ta-tas that HURT, and the ravenous urge now and then to consume an entire herd of cattle.

There’s also this tight-feeling abs thing.  I mean, I don’t have a six-pack or anything, but my whole midsection feels like I did six thousand sit-ups.

I’ve also suddenly become a moron.  It’s like I can’t string words together, can’t remember where the milk is at the grocery store, and the other day I forgot how to get home.  I hope this is temporary, but some people have told me that it’s not… Great.

So, as of now, not a whole lot to update.  I can tell you that I’m thrilled, and so is the husband, and we can’t wait to announce this to more people.  We would like to wait until after we see Gummi Bear’s heartbeat though, so we have a couple more weeks to wait.

Oh, but when that time comes?  Look out, world.

I’m gonna crash the motherlovin’ internet.  😉


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