Day: August 4, 2012

Here We Are Again…

Saturday, August 4th, 2012.  CD19, 1DPO.

I woke up this morning officially in the Two Week Wait.

Although this TWW is going to be rough, what with no monitoring whatsoever, and no beta scheduled unless Aunt Flo doesn’t show up in 14 days, I am happy to be in this slightly more low-key half of the cycle.

When I first met with Dr. K, he explained to me that he wanted me to do two or three cycles tops on the Femara + Menopur protocol.  He is a fan of following the most current clinical study results out there, and he said the majority of studies have found that injectables tend to work best in the first three months, and chances for success after that take a rapid downturn.

He also doesn’t want to waste a ton of time with adjusting this protocol too much when the chances won’t be that much better.  Based on this line of thought, I expect that if I don’t get pregnant using injectables, I will have to take a break in mid-October before moving onto the next step.

What will that next step be?

There has been some talk of a laparoscopy.  We may check out what’s going on inside a bit more before moving onto IVF.  It only makes sense…

After that?  We could start the IVF process after the holidays.

It’s a lot to think about, especially since we have so much else going on right now with our crazy work schedules and attempting to buy our first house.

It’s a lot to think about, but the thought of buying a house that will never contain children is something I can’t face right now.

It’s a sobering thought.  One that doesn’t feel real at this point.

I hope it never does.

For now though, I am trying to remain confident in Dr. K and this protocol, and am trying to urge my body to do what it needs to.

I’m sure that as the next two weeks go by, I will also be consulting Dr. Google about every little twinge as well as poking my poor boobies several times a day to see if they are sore.

I’ve never wished for anything as much as morning sickness!

May the next two weeks go quickly and with much distraction.  🙂


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