Day: April 14, 2012

I’m Doing it Again…

“It” being naming children I don’t yet have.

It’s a problem.  I do it all the time.  When I’m reading, when I’m surfing the interwebs, and especially in the car with the poor dear husband.

He might be driving us along to dinner, listening to a song he really likes, and something in me says “Now would be a great time to assault him with the names you’ve been mulling over and carefully matching to first, last and family names!”

And then I wonder why he says “No.” to everything.  Probably because I don’t give him time to think, or because he isn’t an obsessive baby-name-control-freak who thinks about this one task constantly.

Also, it’s probably because naming imaginary children is not something that’s worth a lot of time in his eyes.  Or at least I assume that’s how he feels.

Maybe he will be more on board when it’s real… And maybe I’ll just keep trying to wear him down until he tells me “Yes.” one day.  😉

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