Guinea Pig: Visit Two

Visit Two was on Thursday, and it went well!  …But it was a loooooooong day.

The husband had his semen analysis appointment first thing in the morning, so he got up at the normal time (4am, ugh.) and drove from our Toledo-area home to the Wayne State University Physicians Group building in Southfield, Michigan, about 60 miles away.  After his… errmmm… procedure, he got back in the car and drove to work, 30 miles back toward Toledo.

While the husband was doing his business in a cup in a dimly lit back room in Southfield, I was shaving my legs and really wanting some food.  I took the morning off work and drove up to Southfield for my blood work and exam, which included a fasting glucose test, thyroid testing, pelvic and breast exams, and an internal ultrasound.  The blood work went smoothly, and the exams and ultrasounds showed everything looking as normal as usual.  I was there less than an hour, and went straight to a fast food joint for some caffeine and fries on my way to work, 75 miles south in Toledo.

During the husband’s commute from his morning appointment to work, he received a call from his on-boarding rep at his new employer asking if he could move his start date up a week.  He had yet to even give notice that he was leaving, so it was difficult for him to process all of these changes so quickly.  I guess it was a good thing he had all that drive-time to think it through, because he gave his notice that morning, and will start officially with his new employer on February 13th!

Moving up his start date meant that he had to complete the obligatory drug testing, as per company guidelines.  He made his appointment for that evening to get it out of the way, and then found out that it was all the way back up where his morning appointment had been… 30 miles away.

I got in to work at 1pm, and found that my co-associate recruiter had gone home sick.  I knew I would have to stay late to help get things caught up, but 8:30pm was later than I figured.

Just to recap, here’s what our schedules looked like on Thursday:

The Husband

4am – wake up

5am – leave for semen analysis appointment

7am – finish up, head to work

7:30am – receive phone call, make plans to put in early notice, set up appointment for physical and drug testing

8am – arrive at work

5:30pm – leave work, head to drug testing appointment

7pm – drug testing appointment

7:30pm – stop at Wendy’s, drive home

8:30pm – arrive home, eat dinner

9:30pm – bed

16 hours and 180 miles later, the husband receives his sainthood.  At least in our house.  And he can keep it too, so long as he never, ever complains about having to endure an awkward moment in this process that is going to be physically, emotionally, and mentally trying on every aspect of my life.

My Day:

5:30am – wake up

6am – shave legs… and other things.

7am – it takes a while, don’t judge me!

8am – listen to sweet 90’s music while blow-drying my hair

9am – leave for Southfield

10:30am – check in for my appointment… starving, by the way

10:45am – five vials of blood taken, getting undressed for the physical, pap, pelvic, and ultrasound portion of the morning

11am – ask if I can pee, since I’ve been holding it for hours in case they needed a full bladder or urine sample for anything

11:05am – sweet relief

11:10am – lie still on cold table while great big Indian dude comes in and manhandles my girl-parts in a very business-like way

11:20am – get directions to call the office in CD1 and to plan for a teeny bit more blood work then, followed by meds!

11:30am – french fries in hand, start driving back to Toledo for work

1pm – arrive at work, finding chaos

8:30pm – drag myself out of the office, drive to in-laws to pick up the poor dog who had been neglected after the husband informed me he wouldn’t be home at a normal time to get him outside.

9pm – crawl in the front door, eat a can of soup while staring in a daze at the television

9:30pm – bed.

Not as many hours, and not as many miles as the husband, but still… a long day.

In total, we both drove just under 350 miles on Thursday.  I expect that this is the worst it can get, and hopefully we will be able to coordinate these drives a bit better in the future, especially since the husband’s new job will be closer to the doctor’s office in Southfield.

It’s still intimidating to think of driving all that way a couple times a week, but the wonderful doctors in charge of the study told me that they are working on a way for me to have my blood work done in Toledo to help me from having to drive so far so much.

That would be a huge relief!  I hope it works out, but I will do whatever I need to do to give myself, and us, and our future baby, the best shot we have at a family.

Today is CD23, so I anticipate that in 7 to 10 days, I will be starting a new cycle, meds, and a new journey to parenthood.

Life is good, I have support and love, and hope is abundant.


3 comments on “Guinea Pig: Visit Two

  1. Rachel
    February 4, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    God you make me laugh! Have they made you do the post-coital test yet? That was a hoot, the night before I had to take the test we were both slammed at work and completely exhausted, in addition I was in the throes of an apocalyptic coldsore attack – nothing says sexytime like face herpes, right?

    I think foreplay consisted of me saying “yes I know, I don’t want to do this either, but the doctor says we have to so just shut up and let’s get this over with” 🙂

    Then the next morning at my stupidly early appointment (in my opinion 6:30am is good for either god bothering or stumbling home from the club – nothing else!) my doctor got called into theatre and the substitute wouldn’t do the test so we had to do it again 2 days later! Ugh, doctor prescribed sex is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Good luck, crossing various body parts for you from Melbourne Aus!


  2. zygotta
    February 4, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    anxiously waiting for the new updates! I don’t know why, but I do believe that this it for you!


  3. Tracy
    February 4, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    Thank you, ladies! I feel like this is our big break too… There’s just something about the timing of it all!

    Rachel – we haven’t done the post-coital, and I think that’s the ONLY test I haven’t had! If the IUI takes, I will have a pretty good idea that either something about my body Ph or my physiology is causing the problems in conception, and that will be our next plan of attack.


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