Day: July 16, 2011

When Will Life Imitate Art?

This photo was taken almost three years ago during my best friend’s wedding weekend.  Obviously we were at a bowling alley.

Even more obviously, I do not bowl well and therefore like to put bowling balls in my shirt.  …I mean, who doesn’t?  Right?

I was just scrolling through some pictures and came across this one.  The girl in this photo is just happy to be with her friends and doesn’t know a thing about feeling jealous of someone who’s been as close as a sister for 20 plus years because she was able to get pregnant four months after this photo was taken.  She also doesn’t know anything about charting periods or basal body temps, or sperm counts or fertility meds.

This girl is happy, and for all she knows, perfectly fertile.

Then again, this girl also has a bowling ball baby… So maybe she’s a little… off.

Either way, the girl writing this blog post sincerely wishes that she could be as happy and carefree as the girl in the photo.

And that the bowling ball baby will someday become a real baby.

And maybe even that she could possibly retain the same ass-to-belly ratio when it happens.

…Okay, I’m not pushing my luck.  I’ll just take the baby, thanks.

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