Month: June 2011

RE-Day, Part VI

Just met the RE.  She’s a really nice woman, and she has a plan.  She also instructed me to check out a book called The Fertility Diet, and to give yoga a try. It sounds like Femara and Ovidrel may be in my near future…

I’m currently waiting for a date with the ultrasound wand, followed by some blood work.  Hooray for getting poked and prodded.


RE-Day, Part V

There’s a giant tub of meds in this room.  The room where they’ve left me unattended for an extended period of time.  Bored out of my skull…

I’m seriously considering filling up my purse.

Who wants some free Menopur?


RE-Day, Part IV

Just answered the same questions for a fourth nurse.  I think they’re testing me.  Don’t worry, folks, I promise that I really am infertile.

Oh, and if one more person says to me “Oh, bridal consulting must be such a fun job!”, I swear I’m going to shove a crinoline down their throat.


RE-Day, Part III


Aw, damn.  Just missed it.  Hopefully they’re putting on more of these meet-ups.  I could use some peer support!


RE-Day, Part II

Just got a text from my friend/coworker letting me know she won’t be in today because she’s giving birth.  Ooooh, the irony.


RE-Day, Part I

At the RE’s office.  So far I’ve done a crapload of paperwork, and talked to three nurses.  Also, my blood pressure is stellar.  Let’s hope this trend continues…


Dish :: Southern Comfort

A few weeks ago, the husband and I made the road trip from the suburbs of Detroit down to Knoxville, Tennessee, for his brother’s wedding.  The nine-hour drive down was nice–except for some random construction traffic in Ohio, and a few Apocalyptic-looking thunderstorms complete with torrential downpours while driving through the Smokies–but hey, no road trip is complete without a little white-knuckle driving, right?

The wedding was lovely, the people were kind, and our hotel accommodations were pleasant enough, but what I really took away from the trip was the food.  I wish we had been able to stay long enough to really experience some of the true southern cooking staples, but the meals we did have time to savor really stuck with me.

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Growing Up Sucks

It might be pretty, but it's terrifying to drive over. Just so ya know.

Well folks, I knew this day would come eventually, but I was not looking forward to it.  The husband and I have finally come to a decision about where our next move will take us.


If this is your first time tuning in, the decision was between moving two hours west to be closer to my family and friends, or an hour and a half south to be closer to the husband’s family and friends.  Our lease is up in August, and I really just want to be closer to more people we know.

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Soundtrack Saturday :: Good Riddance

When you graduated from high school, were you flooded with that feeling of overwhelming love and nostalgia coupled with the terrifying reality of impending freedom?

And did you deal with said feelings by starting a way-too-serious-way-too-fast summer fling with a boy you had known your whole life but had never thought about dating before the panic of leaving the nest set in?

And did said relationship burn white-hot for two whole months and end promptly the moment you moved your mini-fridge into your dorm room?

Come on… I can’t be the only one.

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Dish :: Spring Fever

I brought this post over from the old blog.  Original post date was March 2010, hence the springtime theme.

I’m not really down with the fungus consumption, but I know plenty of folks who are.  Here in Michigan, late spring is prime time for mushroom hunting.  Although not a fan of eating said fungus, one of my favorite memories of my childhood is that of scouring the forest for the mysterious delicacy known as the morel mushroom with my mom and grandma.

There’s a lot to experience in the woods besides poison ivy… knee-high forests of may apples, the forbidden-to-pick trillium, tiny purple crocuses and violets poking through the carpet of last autumn’s discarded leaves.  You’ll hear the soothing sounds of the cardinals and robins and chickadees, the obnoxious calls of the blue jay, and more than likely, a flock of geese coming home from their winter escape.  If you’re really quiet, you might even get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a mama whitetail and her cute baby Bambi, or a sweet, fuzzy little bunny. Read More

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