Day: June 29, 2011

28 Days

June 29th, 2011.  CD28, 15DPO.

Well, my so-called “normal cycle” has reached day 28, and according to Dr. Fran’s initial analysis, that means I’m 15 days past ovulation.  I’m still not entirely sure I believe that, but there’s nothing I can do until Aunt Flo arrives to confirm that this cycle was unsuccessful.

If she arrives.  …Trying to stay positive.

I felt like crap for a few days, and now I feel mostly normal again.  No real signs of imminent blood loss, and I have managed to get control of that whole “eating my feelings” thing.

The only strange thing going on right now is a weird cervical mucus issue I’ve been noticing for three-ish days.  Normally at this time in my cycle, I’d be having creamy to sticky CM, which is what I have the majority of the time… Except for random bouts of something that I can only accurately describe as having the consistency of rubber cement.

I mean, it’s sticky, yes.  It’s also clear and stretchy.  It falls somewhere between sticky and eggwhite, only I can’t imagine that any normal human sperm could swim though something of that thickness.

No other issues though.  Definitely not an infection, bacterial, or yeast issue.  I guess my vagina just has the sniffles.

Hmm… could I somehow make this into an early pregnancy symptom?

I guess I’m just grasping at straws at this point.  My temp took a small dive this morning, so I am anticipating a visit from that old bat, Flo.  Just in case, I have packed my purse full of period paraphernalia (say that five times fast!), including a pregnancy test which Dr. Fran told me I will need to take to be certain I’m not pregnant before she will call in a Femara prescription for me.

I hope today is the day something happens.  I’d really like to get this show on the road!

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