Day: June 16, 2011

RE-Day, Epilogue

This is totally going to be me: On my period and all smug and Zen and crap. Just wait.

Alright, first of all, thank you for following all of this madness today.  I wish this blog had a Facebook-like status update button so I could have avoided bogging down the whole site with teeny two-sentence posts.  Alas, I am not that savvy, and so, again, thank you for sticking around!

The rest of RE-Day went a little like this:

After a bit of a wait (and a delicious lunch), I was brought in for my date with the ultrasound wand, which is just as much fun as it sounds.  The very nice ultrasound tech told me a few things I already knew (thanks to a good friend!):  My uterus is retroverted, my egg supply looks good in both ovaries, and all of my girl-parts look like they’re healthy and in the appropriate places.

She also asked me what cycle day today is for me, and I told her–CD15.  But, I said, I have long cycles and ovulate late, so I don’t expect ovulation for another few days, maybe even a week.  Trust me.  I chart these things.  Religiously.

The very nice ultrasound tech informed me that it looked to her like I already had ovulated on my left side.



Pardon my French, lady,  but No Freaking Way.

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RE-Day, Part VII

Made it through the blood work without losing consciousness, so I’ll count that as a win.  There’s a backup for ultrasounds today, however, and I was given the choice to either wait, or come back another day.

I chose to wait.  Currently grabbing some lunch at the little bistro in the medical office building.  Chicken caesar wrap?  Yes, please!


RE-Day, Part VI

Just met the RE.  She’s a really nice woman, and she has a plan.  She also instructed me to check out a book called The Fertility Diet, and to give yoga a try. It sounds like Femara and Ovidrel may be in my near future…

I’m currently waiting for a date with the ultrasound wand, followed by some blood work.  Hooray for getting poked and prodded.


RE-Day, Part V

There’s a giant tub of meds in this room.  The room where they’ve left me unattended for an extended period of time.  Bored out of my skull…

I’m seriously considering filling up my purse.

Who wants some free Menopur?


RE-Day, Part IV

Just answered the same questions for a fourth nurse.  I think they’re testing me.  Don’t worry, folks, I promise that I really am infertile.

Oh, and if one more person says to me “Oh, bridal consulting must be such a fun job!”, I swear I’m going to shove a crinoline down their throat.


RE-Day, Part III


Aw, damn.  Just missed it.  Hopefully they’re putting on more of these meet-ups.  I could use some peer support!


RE-Day, Part II

Just got a text from my friend/coworker letting me know she won’t be in today because she’s giving birth.  Ooooh, the irony.


RE-Day, Part I

At the RE’s office.  So far I’ve done a crapload of paperwork, and talked to three nurses.  Also, my blood pressure is stellar.  Let’s hope this trend continues…

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