Prep Work

June 9th, 2011.  CD8.

So, today is all about preparing for the big day with the lady who’s going to knock me up.  My first RE appointment is in a week, and I’m starting to get a little anxious.  I checked in with the office to see which of my doctors have sent over my medical records, and I’ve started to fax records requests to the ones who haven’t.

By the way, is it a job requirement for medical records office employees to be rude?  I mean seriously… I have called four offices today, and every single one of those women pretty much hates their life, or so it sounds over the phone.  I hate calling you to fax over copies of my last three pap smear results just as much as you hate faxing them, mkay?  Get over it, lady.  Jeez.

Anyway, so aside from making sure my medical records are in place, showing up on time for my appointment, and employing some advanced hair-removal techniques, is there anything else I should be doing to prepare for this three-hour tour of my privates?

I should probably also mention that I will be attending this first consultation alone.  The husband spent all of his accrued vacation time on the days we spent in Knoxville for his brother’s wedding, and he won’t be able to join me for a three-hour long mid-morning appointment taking place over an hour away from where he works.

Not gonna happen.

It’s fine with me to go it alone for now–it’s not like this will be my first time being poked and prodded and asked the same questions over and over again by four different people.

I just don’t really know what to expect of this first meeting.

Will I have an exam?  I expect to.

Bloodwork?  I assume so.

Ultrasound?  Probably… right?

The only thing I’m really sure of is that there will be LOTS of discussion about the pages of charting I plan to take along.  I have it on good authority that this doctor is one of the few who appreciates a patient educating herself on her fertility.

I hope she also has some magic answer to my unexplained infertility issues…

I could really use a win right now, doc.  Really.

2 comments on “Prep Work

  1. ~kboo
    June 9, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    Wow, 3 hours? I’ve met with two different RE’s and each initial appointment was only an hour. The first RE just talked to me and did bloodwork, but no exam. We didn’t do ultrasound until CD 3. The second RE — I had made the appointment specifically for an annual exam… and then we talked fertility at the end.

    Maybe you should just ask what all is involved… 3 hours seems like a VERY long time to me!! I mean, I’m sure your privates are interesting, but…. !!


  2. Tracy
    June 9, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Yeah, that’s what I said! What the heck are they looking to FIND in there?? I think they probably have a very thorough history-taking nurse who will talk to me about every period I’ve ever had, but I just have to think that most bloodwork and ultrasounds have to be done on certain days of the cycle. Next week will be CD15, not exactly a big blood-taking day, I wouldn’t think. Maybe they’ll wand me to see if I have any hope of ovulating.

    Who knows? Maybe they book extra time for a semen analysis… Which we’ve already done, and won’t be able to repeat next week anyway, lol.


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