Or, as I like to call it, The Little White Pill That Makes Me Wake From Trippy Cartoon Nightmares In Puddles Of My Own Sweat.

It haunts my dreams... literally.

This is my first cycle taking the ovulation-inducing drug that most doctors throw at their infertile patients to get them to stop bringing in stacks of BBT spreadsheets from past months.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I contacted a few people who might, and they gave me the low-down.  Night sweats, mood swings, and headaches seemed to be at the top of the list.  I don’t think my mood swung (although you’d have to ask the husband to be sure), and I didn’t have any headaches that weren’t caused by my irrational recent decision to give up caffeine.

The night sweats though, were something else.  I mean, eww.  Nothing about charting your infertility signs is pleasant, but waking up dripping from every crevice is the least sexy thing that’s happened to me on this journey.  And that includes the humiliation of “assisting” with the husband’s, ahem, testing.

Oh, I finished taking that pill for five days, expecting the symptoms to subside, and that was well over two weeks ago.  The night sweats have gone away, only to be replaced by the craziest, acid-trippiest dreams I have ever had.  Soap opera characters in a cartoon landscape wielding machetes in some post-Apocalyptic Mad Max-looking nightmare-land, anyone?  Holy Moses, make it stop!

On a positive note, the Clomid seems to have worked its magic.  My temps started out in a normal range, didn’t jump around before ovulation like usual, and there was a clear thermal shift indicating that the little egg had begun its journey.  My post-ovulation temps have also been nice and high, which has been a welcome sight.  Today is CD29 for me, 11 days past ovulation, and although my HPT was negative this morning, I am still happy with how the Clomid seems to have made a difference in my cycle.

My usually-short luteal phase is never longer than ten days, so any little nudge in the right direction is wonderful, even if this cycle isn’t successful.  I have a refill for the Clomid to use for the March cycle (if necessary), but if it comes to that, at least I will know what to expect this time.

Maybe I should invest in a rubber sheet.

One comment on “Clomid

  1. kboo
    February 24, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    “craziest, acid-trippiest dreams I have ever had” — I hear you on that one! You describe them perfectly!

    Love this blog and how you put things, I’ll probably have my DH subscribe, too!


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