Month: February 2011

Baby Names

February 28, 2011.  CD4. Well, after a weekend on the couch with my good friends Midol and Heating Pad, and being waited upon hand-and-foot by the husband (who is in the middle of a 12 day work stretch, God bless him), and devouring most of a German chocolate cake, I am finally starting to feel

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You’re Not Legit Till You’re Facebook Official!

…And so, we are. Thanks for coming; tell your friends. 🙂

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Things Fertility-Challenged Women Love To Hear, Part One

“Maybe if you stop trying so hard, it will just happen naturally.” In honor of the title of this blog, I bring you the first installment of a series of things you should never say to women who are trying to conceive a child and having difficulty doing so.

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“…And Your Little Dog, Too!”

Well, the witch blew into town last night, and all at once she destroyed a month’s worth of hopeful build-up and my short-lived caffeine independence.Screw you, February. I didn’t want a November baby anyway, pssh.

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Teen Mom

I’m not sure if I want to hug them, slap them, or be them, but the fact is that the Teen Moms have invaded my DVR and my very soul.

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The CD30 Temp Drop Blues. Oh, and Kittens.

Just a quick note to express my crankiness at my rapidly declining temperature. Boo to you, BBT! I get the feeling that cramps and heating pads and copious amounts of Midol are in my near future. I hope the husband is ready for this…

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You’re Having a Baby? I’m So Happy For You!

…Until you leave, and then I’m a seething, jealous jerk that will spend all of our time together eye-balling your growing midsection and coveting it for my very own. Sorry, just being honest, which is probably for the best since that last statement clearly broke more than a few commandments.

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Or, as I like to call it, The Little White Pill That Makes Me Wake From Trippy Cartoon Nightmares In Puddles Of My Own Sweat.

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Not Pregnant

It kinda hurts to see it in plain English like that.At least the traditional two-pink-lines version gives you the tiniest bit of hope that maybe you’re reading it wrong, or maybe that line really IS there and all you need is a second opinion from your poor husband who is totally grossed out by holding a pee-stick so close to his face.

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