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Progesterone Day

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012.  CD21, 7DPIUI. Well, my ultrasound appointment went well this morning.  My uterine lining is nice and thick, and the doctor said that’s exactly what they want to see.  I believe it measured over 18mm. My progesterone level wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it might be, however.  14.6.  Not terrible, but […]

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The Wa-eee-aaaiting Is the Hardest Part…

February 28th, 2012.  CD20, 6DPIUI. Well… I’m hanging in there. But I’m having trouble concentrating on anything but my reproductive system.  This is a problem… Especially at work. The general consensus around my office is that I am, in fact pregnant (even though no one could know that yet), and that I will be having […]

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I’m freaking out. I feel like the timing of this IUI was all wrong… I triggered on Tuesday at around 6pm because my blood work showed that I was starting to have an LH surge… I had my IUI on Wednesday around 11am, and my temp did not rise at all today.  I’m still having […]

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Insemination Day

Wednesday, February 22, 2012.  CD14. Well… I just feel odd.  Sitting here at my desk, at work, thinking about what is (hopefully) going on in my uterus right now. It’s also odd knowing there’s nothing I can do but wait. And eat pineapple.  I’m eating a whole pineapple, core and all, this week.  It’s supposed […]

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Uhh… Change of Plans.

I just got the call from Dr. Amanda with the research study, and my blood work shows signs that I am starting to ovulate on my own. I have been instructed to trigger immediately (or when I get home from work, since I conveniently left my scary injectable meds and giant syringe at home), and […]

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Ollie 2: The Lonely Follicle

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012.  CD13. So, for the second (very early) morning in a row, I have had blood work and an ultrasound to see how the mystery meds are helping me along. Yesterday, I had one lonely follicle on the right that was of any merit.  Ollie 2 measured about 15 yesterday – too […]

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Lunch Break Update – Mystery Meds!

February 16th, 2012.  CD8.   Hi friends.  I had a few minutes at lunch, and figured I’d update the good ol’ blog. First, I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day.  I left work early to make a special dinner for the husband, who had ordered me some BEAUTIFUL flowers to be delivered to […]

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I don’t actually know what the process consisted of (because I was being wanded and bled dry while it happened…), but I have officially been randomized. The option I was chosen to take is a pill… Two per day for five days, to be exact.  I won’t find out what drug I took until after […]

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Well, I’m in the car with the husband, on our way to the research office to give a bit more blood, have a quick beginning-of-cycle ultrasound, and to have my meds selected… I’m nervous, excited, and seriously craving caffeine right now.  I’ll update you all with news when I find out whether I’m taking the […]

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The Infertility List

I know this list has been going around, but I think it’s a great idea.  I need to print a few of these off and keep them in my purse to hand out to nosy relatives (and complete strangers).

Hopefully after this research study, I will have a good reason to put one giant X across the page, crumple it into oblivion, and burn it for good.

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